Nature never ceases to bewilder us. When we look at the world around we may sense that our life is very average and normal compared to others, both fortunately and unfortunately. Some people strive towards doing things that make them stand out from the crowd, while for some people everything happens coincidentally and their life changes.

If I say the word ‘puberty’ to you, it is very obvious that you will define it as a process during which a child’s body develops into an adult one. The onset of puberty for girls is around 11 years of age. Menstruation is the main indication of a girl entering puberty. But what if a girl matures at the age when she is not even supposed to know how to spell ‘puberty’? This is not a hypothetical situation, but here we are going to talk with you about such a girl for not just did her body mature, but she was the Youngest Girl To Have A Baby.

Some girls start sexually maturing at the a very young age, even less than 10 years. Such a condition is referred to as “Precocious Puberty”.

The information in the article related to some youngest birth mothers might seem creepy to you, as some of the girls of kindergarten age had to go through child-birth pain and other consequences. Such incidences are quite astonishing, but more squeamish are the fact that they fell victim to child molestation.

Youngest Girl To Have A Baby

The youngest girl to give birth to a child was Lina Medina. She was a resident of Ticrapo district of Peru. She was 5 years and 8 months old when she gave birth to her son through a caesarean section. She was born on September 27th, 1933 and her son was born on 14th May, 1939.

Lina had undergone her first menstrual cycle when she was 8 months old. Some of the reports differed that her menstruation occurred when she was 2 and half years or 3 years old. By the age of 4, her breasts were fully developed.

When she was 5 years old, she experienced that her pelvis was widening and the bone maturation had become advanced. The massive growth of Lina’s midsection started at an age of 5 years. At first, her mother, Victoria, doubted that Lina was under the control of evil spirits. However, she and Lina’s father took the girl to the hospital anticipating a possible abdominal tumor. But after the diagnosis, the hospital informed the family that Lina was 8 months pregnant.

The baby boy was born at Lima’s Maternity clinic at full term. The boy was named Gerado after Lina’s doctor. At birth, the baby was 2,700 grams in weight, in proper health and shape. Until the age of 10 Gerado believed that Lina was his elder sister.

At the age of 40, in 1979, Gerardo lost his life to a disease that affects the bone marrow of the body. But a link between his illness and him being delivered by a very young mother was never established very clearly.

In 1972, Lina got married and gave birth to another boy, after 33 years of her first delivery.

The biological father of Gerado was never identified. Lina’s father was accused and arrested for sexual abuse, but was set free due to lack of evidence. Also, Lina was too young to properly describe what had actually happened.

Although, Lina led a normal life later on, we can only think about the pain and agony she must have gone through in her childhood. Or we can say that she was a human being for whom the privilege of being a child never knocked on the doorstep. There are countless girls who undergo sexual abuse every day. All we can do is to strive towards spreading awareness and stop such crimes against children.

Having told you about the youngest girl to have a baby, I would also like to give you some additional information that might amaze you. They are listed as follows:

  • Precocious puberty also occurs to boys. It is defined as maturing before the age of 9. It is quite rare, but when it happens, it is often linked with the problems of the central nervous system. Such a condition needs treatment.
  • There are a number of theories for explaining what factors might lead to precocious puberty. Such factors are – foods rich with more artificial hormones content, increase in the intake of calories and numerous environmental factors like DDT, a pesticide. In the past few months, researchers have determined a gene or rather a protein known as GPR54, which regulates puberty. Alterations in sexual development can occur due to mutations in such genes.
  • At the age of seventy, Rajo Devi Lohan was recorded to be the oldest person to ever deliver a child. After eighteen months of the child-birth, she declared that the complications aroused from the pregnancy were leading her towards death.
  • According to a report of American Medical Association, rape and sexual violence are the least reported violent crime, in spite of a higher rate of occurrence.
  • It is believed that a girl has a greater chance of being sexually abused than being educated on how to read, if she is born in South Africa. The South African Police Service states that In spite of greater awareness of the crime these days, more severe penalties and improved policing, a large number of attempted rapes and rapes still remain unreported and unpunished.
  • Wednesday is found to have more rates of births than any other day of the week on average. This rate is 15.4% more compared to any other day. On the other hand, Sunday is the most lethargic day in this aspect.
  • S. is believed to have the highest number of pregnancies at a very young age. Poland, Germany, Canada and France are also the countries with early age pregnancy.

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