When it comes to purchasing most liquor, it is a simple case of popping in at the bottle store and buying your favourite beer or beverage. It is all very easy and quite bland from an experiential perspective. But there is one type of alcohol that lends itself to lot more excitement and that is wine.

If you are a lover of wine, be it sweet or dry, red or white or sparkling, there is so much to buying wine. From the tasting to the range of cultivars and brands available and to the different experiences that you can have along the way. With this in mind here are a few reminders of places where you can buy your wine – aside from the normal trip to the bottle store.

Why Buying Wine Can Be a Varied Treat?

Why Buying Wine Can Be a Varied Treat?

1. Start with the internet

A great place to start is to buy wine online. There are plenty of online retailers who afford you the opportunity to browse to your heart’s content. You can read online reviews of the different products and you can take your time working through catalogues and comparing prices.

What you will probably find is that wines sold via the internet are cheaper than from a retail store. They will also often have specials available and there is typically a huge range. And very pleasingly you will not have to travel anywhere to collect your shopping – your wine will be delivered straight to your door.

2. Visit the farm

While there are plenty of advantages to buying online, the one big downside is that you cannot taste anything. This means that online purchases are often best for buying wines that you already know. If you are looking to discover new wines, then make a trip to the actual wine farm – most farms usually have tasting facilities and they will also offer their wine at very good wholesale prices.

It goes without saying that if you buy their wine from a supermarket or retailer that a mark-up will have been added to the original price.

Why Buying Wine Can Be a Varied Treat?

3. Trade shows

Look out for trade shows that bring a host of wine farms and producers together in one place. This is a great way to shop around and to be able to taste a range of different wines all under one roof. If you buy enough you may still be able to have the products delivered to your house, although if you have a car at the venue then it shouldn’t be too tricky to get your purchases home.

4. Clubs

Have a look online or speak to friends who are wine lovers to find out if there are any wine clubs in your area. There are often things like the wine of the month clubs where members pay to receive delivery of different wine each month. This is a service that sees recommended and hand-picked wines delivered in a case every month.

Yes, there might be times when you don’t like all the wines that are recommended, but more than likely you will find that you are exposed to new and exciting products that you really enjoy. After all, these selections are recommended by experts.


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