Seriously! You are here sifting through this list because you are obsessed about world’s slowest! Not? Well, let’s say it does take some dandy skills to make it to the top spot in the world’s slowest. In case you are wondering if that meant anything to you unless you care caught up behind one of these cars playing thug life on their stereo. Shame on you twice, for secretly checking out this list and then again for failing to overhaul these suckers on the motorway because you adore their cuteness incessantly! Well, just in case you made it here after all the efforts of foraging through the internet, fret not! Thou will not be disappointed.

Here is the one stop answer to what is the slowest car in the world.

(P.S. We slip the countdown in a backward chronology just to keep the matters interesting)

10. Mitsubishi i-Miev

What Is The Slowest Car In The World?

Not tad fast as the Tesla Model S, but this car can do 0-60 if you are willing to wait a long time (13.4 seconds to be exact). If you happen to be stuck behind one of these cars, well… just sit back and enjoy the scenery. Because, there isn’t pretty much anything that you can do. Hey! At least the car looks cute and chubby. What it can’t do with performance, it does with looks.

9. Fiat Qubo natural power 1.4

What Is The Slowest Car In The World?

Italian? Yes! Then it should be exciting. Not exactly! This car does 0-60 in 17.7 seconds. That’s longer than you getting off your favorite couch to make popcorns. And ugh what is that? A double chin? It sure is the slowest car in the Europe. The chances are you will probably miss noticing them if owned a fast car, well… unless maybe if you own one of these models and pass by another Qubo to say “Hey neighbor!”.

8. Daimler Smart CDI

What Is The Slowest Car In The World?

Curtains up on the next contender and wait! What is that? A car? A tuk- tuk? Wherever this car came from, it sure must be from a world of small people. Fast? Maybe, if you consider it breathtaking going 0-60 miles an hour in 19.5 seconds. You can’t make a slow-mo ad with one of these cars, as it would be too slow that you probably wouldn’t need to slow your video anymore.

7. Chevrolet CMV

What Is The Slowest Car In The World?

Let’s dig some features. This car has 0.8 liters, three-cylinder engine churning 37 horses with a max payload rated at 992 pounds. Thrilling? Not exactly, unless you find 27 seconds of counting to reach 0-60 too fast to handle (P.S. on dry weight). So, off goes your pet cat Buster, and your pretty wife Betty, if you want to race lighter with one of these street crawlers.

6. Hindustan Ambassador 1.5 DSZ

What Is The Slowest Car In The World?

Staying slick and slow at the 6th spot is the car from the South Asia (India to be precise). This car is nothing, but for its looks. It is originally a classic Morris Oxford with a little cosmetic job on it. The performance figures aren’t precisely listed, probably not to flaunt the embarrassment. But we, believe it is 27 seconds to reach 0-60 miles on a 35.5 HP, 1.5-liter engine. Now that needs a pat on the back for the slowest car.

5. Tata Nano

What Is The Slowest Car In The World?

She is slow. She is small. She is Tata Nano! Seems like the speed doesn’t thrill the Indians. This car looks like it certainly needs a nose job. Every inch of it looks define the word “slow”. If this car were to race, it would probably do with another Nano maybe. It was originally sold as the cheapest car in the world. That’s right! Own a ride with nickels and dimes. The chances are, you will not regret buying unless you aren’t in a rush because the car takes 29.4 seconds to reach 60 miles an hour. If that doesn’t impress you, nothing else will.

4. MIA Electric Car

What Is The Slowest Car In The World?

OK, for starters this car looks sporty. Trust me! It does. If seating three persons and having nine cubic inches of boot space may sound fancy though. If that weren’t enough reason to make the car look sporty (seriously, the LOOK alone), it has a central driving seat. Yes! Just like the McLaren that Rowan Atkinson owned. Its performance may not be as funny as the actor, but if you were to reach the top speed of this car that is 60 miles dot, you would have to wait half a minute. Seriously! If you are impatient, do not drive this! Do not!

3. Renault Twizy

What Is The Slowest Car In The World?

Spelled just like “fuzzy”, chances are you will be over-expecting if you thought you could reach anywhere close to 60 miles in this Renault-made automobile. This 17 Horse powered machine is not your best friend if patience isn’t your thing. Unfortunately, as jokingly as it may seem, this car looks spunky.

2. Aixam Coupe

What Is The Slowest Car In The World?

Speed is out of the question for this extremely sporty looking car. Regrettably as it may seem, all the slowest cars appear sporty on their looks. Totally misguides noobs unless they happen to take expert advice from articles like the one you are reading now. What you are gazing at here is a machine that makes 5.6 horses with a 400cc, two-cylinder diesel engine. Meh! 60 miles? Like I mentioned don’t even think. Not even slightly. But hey, all isn’t terrible if you owned an Aixam. The authorities thought maybe you needn’t have skills driving one, so you need not have a license to drive one of these cars.

1. Peel

What Is The Slowest Car In The World?

This car is either an awful joke or a pun extremely intended. It’s a car! Trust me, it is. Of course without the fourth wheel. Safety is extremely questionable when you are driving one of these tin cans. With the size of this car, it makes even the Dwarfs from LOTR looks like behemoths if they ever squeezed into these box graves. This car is priced so ridiculously; you will rub your eyes twice to believe. You can own the world’s slowest car for $16,000. Yep! That’s the price you need to pay to own this slow moving swagger.


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