With the unification of search engines into our routine most of us have get to know about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) at some point. The good news is that same as starting your own website, search engine optimization could be performed by anyone willing to put in the effort. You don’t need to know web developing or be an expert. Yup, you could step out and pay someone; however as with several things nobody will concern more about quality of the work than you will. Besides, you’ll spare a lot of bucks. So, what is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization is the procedure of perfecting your landing website or webpage for Google’s search engine. Google web crawler uses an algorithm to search for some of various things in order to show a website in the search results when someone enters a particular set of keywords. Keywords are what the users enter in to Google’s search engine when they are searching for some service or product. For instance, if someone was searching for the “best advertising agency in Sacramento, California”, they would enter as “best advertising agency in Sacramento CA” into the search engine. Search engine optimization is basically modifying a business person’s website to be the best conceivable result for a specific set of keywords.

How do search engine optimization (SEO) companies find the right keywords for a specific business?

They come up with the right keywords by using tool called Google’s keyword planner. This keyword planner tool lets you to enter any set of phrases or keywords and the tool will show you how many times those phrases or keywords are entered into the search engine every month. You could enter any variation of keywords and the planner tool will also bring up the phrases or keywords that are similar to the one’s you are entering in. This is the best way to find out what sort of lingo users are using while searching for a specific kind of service or product.

What does Google’s Algorithm and other Search Engines look for?

The primary objectives that Google’s algorithm is seeking for when ranking your website are keywords, back links, and titles. The title of your webpage or website requires having your keywords in them. Let’s say an advertising agency wishes to rank for the term “Best Advertising Agency”, the title of the post or webpage that is being optimized must begin with those keywords. As the example above, “best advertising agency in Sacramento CA”.

The next pace would be applying those keywords inside the text or content of the post or webpage. The keyword density, which intends, the number of times that keyword is posited inside the text or content, generally requires to be about 2 to 4 percent in order for Google to consider that it is relevant. Don’t insert the keywords too less or too much, since Google will consider you either as not relevant enough or a spammer.

Back links are nothing but links from other sites that are relevant with your concern. For instance, let’s say we wish to create a blog post on media & advertising as we are seeking to form a back link to a media website. We would create a blog post that has the advertising related keywords within it and we would add the link of the website we are attempting to form the back link to inside text of that blog post.

search engine optimization

search engine optimization

Google will then go through that blog post and find out that the post you constructed is relevant to the website and both of them possess same keywords within them. Right away, you could simply link from any website, it need to be a high quality site with not less than a PR-2 or greater and that’s the toughest part. Not all sites permit you to build links that direct to other sites. Explore how to build back links if you wish to know more about this subject.

SEO is nothing but a way of linking searchers to services or products they are searching for. If you are able to make your keywords, titles, and back links related to a user’s search, you’ll probably rank higher in Google’s search engine and users will be able to discover you when they are searching for a specific service or product that is relevant to your business.

What Search Engines doesn’t look for?

Google web crawler only have a specific level of data storage, thus if you’re making fishy tactics or trying to deceive them, probabilities are you’re going to trouble yourself in the long go. Things the search engines don’t need are:

Poor User Experience: Make it simple for the user to move around. Excessive ads and making it too hard for user to find the content they are searching for will just only increase your site’s bounce rate. If you are aware if you bounce rate it will help find out other information regarding your site. For instance, if it is 70% or higher and you have content on your site, probabilities are something is faulty.

Purchased Links: Purchasing links will bring you nowhere when it concerns about Search Engine Optimization, so be cautious.

Keyword Stuffing: Excessive usage of keywords on your posts or pages.

On-Page Optimization

In search engine optimization, on-page optimization involves factors that cause an effect on your web page or web site pointing in natural search results. These factors are managed by you or by coding on your site or page. Cases of on-page optimization include literal HTML code, keyword density, keyword placement and meta tags.

Off-Page Optimization

Off-page optimization involves factors that cause an effect on your web page or web site pointing in natural search results. These factors are off-site in that they are not managed by you or the coding. Cases of off-page optimization include factors such as page rank and link popularity.

Why can’t the Search Engines discover my site without SEO?

Search engines are clever, and yet they need a little help. The major search engines are constantly running towards advancing their technology to scuttle the web more far down and provide better results to people. Nevertheless, there is a level of possibility to how search engines can function. On the other hand the right search engine optimization can bring you thousands of visitors and attention, the fault actions can blot out or hide your website deep in the search results where visibility is stripped.

search engine optimization

search engine optimization

On top of making content accessible to search engines, search engine optimization even helps increase rankings so that content will be set where users will more promptly discover it. The cyberspace is getting more competitive, and those fellowships that perform SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will get a determined favor in customers and visitors.

White Hat SEO

In search engine optimization (SEO) lingo, White Hat SEO concerns to the usage of SEO approaches, tactics and techniques that concentrate on a human audience conflicted to search engines and totally follows search engine policies and rules. For instance, a site that is search engine optimized, however concentrates on relevancy and natural ranking is regarded to be optimized using White Hat SEO strategies. Few examples of White Hat SEO methods include using keywords and keyword analysis, link building to enhance link popularity, writing content for human viewers, and back-linking. White Hat SEO is more often used by those who mean to make a long-run venture on their site. White Hat SEO is also called as Ethical SEO.

Black Hat SEO

In search engine optimization (SEO) lingo, Black hat SEO concerns to the usage of scrappy SEO approaches, tactics and techniques that concentrate just on search engines and not a human user, and normally do not follow search engine rules. Few examples of Black Hat SEO approaches include keyword stuffing, doorway pages and hidden text. Black Hat SEO is more often used by those who are seeking for an immediate financial payoff on their site, instead of a long-run venture on their site. Black Hat SEO perhaps can bring about your site being banned from a search engine. However as the aim is usually on immediate payoff business models, most people use Black Hat SEO strategies think about being banned from search engines a sort of digressive threat. Black Hat SEO might also be called as Unethical SEO or simply spamdexing, since spamdexing is a more often used Black Hat SEO fashion.


You always ought to keep Search Engine Optimization in the forefront of your mind, and always pursue better practices. Hopping the basics of SEO will simply result a messy foundation for your site and keep you from highly increasing your revenue opportunities. Hope you learned what is search engine optimization used for.


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