With the people going gaga with the technology enabled social platforms, the usage of the emoticons and punctuation have become common to reveal what they want to speak. The invention of newer things has lead to a more amplified connection with each other for closer communication.  Every part of the text including the signs, symbols and others reveal their importance.

Depending upon the utilization of the symbols, one can build or break the relationships with the near and dear ones. If one can use these peculiar signs along with the combination of good texting, then the conversation would happen smartly with shortcuts.

So, what does 3 mean in texting? may stand as a question to some of the people. The texting helps in removing the vocal cues of the people because he/she can type the text and attach symbols to express his thoughts.

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Texting is the most widely-used and frequently used app on a smartphone, with 97% of Americans using it at least once a day.

What Does 3 Mean In Texting?

In most of the chats, these emotions are used umpteen numbers of times by both the end users to communicate. You can find numerous emotions and the meaning associated with them from the popular sites on the internet. In this article, the implication of ‘3’ in texting has been revealed. Before going into what does 3 mean when texting, let us understand certain other crucial things.

Discovery Of The Emoticons And The Usage Of The Social Platforms

what does 3 mean in texting

For instant messaging, the social networking sites such as chat rooms, Twitter or Facebook are used to bridge the gap between the people. In the past, the inclusion of emotions along with the messages did not received much importance and popularity as well. 

In those times, there used to be less time or space for writing the extensive text. Moving onto the path of the invention, shortcuts were introduced into messaging in 1981. After this discovery, it is being used widely among the populace but it was not that evolved as it is accustomed today.

Do you know Every Year July 17 is Celebrated as World Emoji’s Day!

With the creation of symbols by the Scott Fahlman in the year 1982, the expression of the thoughts went viral because everybody started using the emotional signs to converse their feelings.

157 new emojis were approved in 2018, which brings the total number of emojis to 2,823.

Many of the varied emotions were introduced by the several creators, and these stood non-usual to some of the people. Where one has to tilt his/her head to understand the expressions of the emotions in the right perspective. Several years after this creation, emoticons were discovered by the tech experts in the year 1986 in East Asia. These were developed by the ASCII NET in Japan. People found no difficulty in understanding the messages conveyed by the emoticons, unlike the previous ones that are developed by Scott Fahlman.

What does <3 Mean In Texting? or What does 3 mean in a text?

You might have seen your friends or strangers typing the symbols and number (<3) in their chat in the Whatsapp or the Facebook messenger. Observing that you may have wondered what is ‘<3’ stands for? and if you don’t know. Then you should go through this is the article to know the ‘<3’ in a better way.

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Among the several symbols, abbreviations and acronyms that are already in the application by the social networking users, the ‘<3’ sign has a vital role to play in texting.  The meaning of the ‘<3’ is love because its shape is similar to the heart symbol. So, you can make use of this symbol whenever you want to express love. The permutations and combinations of these symbols have a lot to reveal, so few of them are listed below:

what does 3 mean in texting
  • I<3U – Signifies “I Love You.”
  • <3U – Implies “Love You.”
  • <333 – Several hearts in succession

Connotation Of ‘:3’ In Messaging (what does this mean in a text 3)

The ‘:3’ also has a strong role to play in conveying the messages in the shortest mode. The meaning of ‘:3’ states that it is Goofy/Cute face, and it was used more often in messaging. The emoticon ‘:3’ symbolizes the cuteness; it can be of the baby, puppy or a cat. Here, the sign ‘:’ denotes the eyes and the number ‘3’ signify the cute fixed smile or a dog’s jowls. All these symbols are widely used by most of the messaging people to convey their feelings in a social platform via computer or a smartphone.

What Does ‘3’ Dots Mean In The Texting?

As per the texting rules, three continuous dots ‘…’ denotes that a person has not done with the typing yet and he/she is in need of a fresh screen. This was the correct meaning of three dots in earlier times of texting because the messages carried some backlog restrictions. Both the end users can make use of the three dots to assert that the person at the opposite end has something more to tell apart from the things already said.

On the other way around, you might have noticed the people using the continuous dots (two or three or four or even more) in between the text. And, this has no particular meaning associated with it. Due to the habit of using dots, people tend to make use of the full points more often. But, you should have a coherent understanding of the distinction between the period and the continuous periods.

Meaning of some of the important punctuation that are used with the numbers and characters:

1. Period (.)

The use of a period in the sentence will portray an end to the conversation in the messaging. This symbol suggests the finality of the statement.

2. Exclamation (!)

The exclamation mark has a very important meaning, and that depends on the usage of the punctuation by the user. With the single exclamation mark, you can set the excitement mood or demonstrate your interest in a particular thing. If you are using the exclamation mark very often, then it means that you are an amateur.

3. Semicolon (;)

The semicolon indicates that you are trying hard to frame the sentence. It is not used in everyday writing because it is a literary piece of a mark. If you are using the semicolon in the sentence, then it means that you have over edited your content. And this shows you are trying your best to frame the meaningful sentence. The usage of a semicolon is like wearing makeup before going to the gym.

4. Apostrophe

The apostrophe means that you are taking care of the minor things to set them on the right track. By using this sign, you are sending the message that you are taking an extra time for doing all these things. The braces, asterisk, plus sign, ellipses, and question mark carry noteworthy meaning. If they are used correctly, then they would convey the messages in the right direction.

Well, you are now at the end our texting guide and hope our, What Does 3 Mean In Texting, guide is filled with many astounding information you need to get on with the future generation. So try snapchat, twitter and Messenger for a while, because in this timeless world, people love emoji’s and future of emoticons are bright. Learn and keep up with the new world. All the best <3 !

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