The multimedia devices that we currently connect to our TVs are becoming more common and popular, thanks to the benefits they offer us and the possibilities they offer us, so in these lines we will focus on those based on Android TV. To note, Android TV boxes are very popular in UK and if you search for cheap Android TV boxes in the UK, look at Latest Deals.

To begin with, we will tell you that the so-called Android TV boxes that have become so popular for a while now, are small devices perfect for those who want to improve the capabilities of their living room TV. In this way, these products, sometimes very controversial and persecuted, can be of great help when it comes to managing our own multimedia content of all kinds.

What are Android TV boxes

These are actually devices that among other things are characterized by their simple installation in almost any current television that among other things provides us with direct access to a good amount of additional applications, in addition to Internet connection, all from the television itself and even if it doesn’t have Smart TV capabilities. Of course, when we hear about an Android TV box, this does not correspond to a specific device, since these are sold in many different shapes and sizes, in addition to having a wide variety of proposals, both software and hardware .

The only thing they all have in common is their ability to run the Android TV operating system on which they are based. To say that Android TV is the version of the Android operating system that we all know, but specifically designed to work on TVs, something that has been with us since 2014 and that, as with the mobile version of Android, this is a very fragmented system.

What do the boxes with Android TV offer when connected to the TV

And it is that many manufacturers of these boxes have altered the operating system to meet their own needs, so at this time there are many versions of the system and the devices as such also vary substantially depending on their manufacturer. But that’s not all, since in addition to these boxes, the Android TV operating system is also integrated into several smart TVs of more than recognized brands.

In the same way Android TV is the most used system in the well-known Kodi boxes that have given so much talk lately, although they do not have to be related to content piracy, so your purchase should not generate any doubt about your legality in most cases, everything will depend later on the type of use that the user himself makes of these products. It should also be borne in mind that despite the implicit term Android, the user interface that these boxes for television present to us, little resemblance to what we see in Android smartphones.

This is because their applications are displayed on drop-down tapes along the screen where we can configure our favorites, view content recommended by the apps themselves and generally do not have support for widgets. It is also worth knowing that from an Android TV-based box we will have access to the Google Play Store, but not what we are used to in mobile terminals, since the list of available applications has been greatly modified.

Moreover, application developers have to make their own projects compatible with Android TV to appear in this version of the system and can be in the store, so as it is easy to assume, the availability here is much more limited. Of course, to the joy of many, we find some that will be very useful in these environments such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, HBO Go, NBC, etc. In the same way in the Android TV boxes we will also have the possibility to load additional applications, that is, to take the APK file of any application that we want to run on the device, and install it, although its operation may not be the desired one.


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