Is your wardrobe full of old boring shirts? Here are some amazing ways to cut a shirt into a fashionable one. All you require here is a pair of scissors and your creativity.

Ways To Cut Your T-Shirt

Crop Tops


You don’t have to buy the fashionable crop top with a heavy price tag when you have ways to cut a shirt. Take an old shirt and cut out the portions of sleeves, you can also cut the neck area so that your shirt will have a boat neck. Now cut the bottom edge of the shirt, make sure that the length of the front side is shorter than the back side. You can do any design on the neck based on your taste. After cutting, always stretch the cuts so that your shirt will look original.

DIY Shirt Cutting


This is an advanced level shirt cutting, and you would need some practice to get it right. It will be a good idea to practice on an old worn shirt before you try it out on a good shirt. You would need a pair of scissors, chalk to mark and stencil with interesting shapes. Using the stencil, line out a design on the back side of your shirt. The design can resemble a bird, animal, flower or even abstract shapes, of your choice. Once the design is marked out on the shirt, use scissors to cut out the design. Make sure edges are properly cut to avoid a goofy look.

Knotty Crop Top


It is a modern variant of crop top which makes you look cool and carefree. Cut out the sleeves of the shirt in the manner you like. You can either make it simple or cut it deeply. Also cut out part of the shirt’s neck, so that it will look wider. Now comes the fun part, decide on the length of the crop top and cut out the sides of the bottom area of the shirt. The lower center part of the cloth must be intact.

Now cut through the middle of remaining bottom center part so that it will look like two strips attached to the shirt. You can use this strip to tie a knot on the front side of the shirt. Remember to keep the backside of the shirt a little longer when compared to the front aspect of the shirt. Stretch out the cuts so that your shirt will look just out of the store.

Cool Neck Patterns For Shirt


There are cute ways to cut a shirt which will make you a trendsetter. In this DIY shirt cutting, you are focusing on the neck part to give your old shirt a studded look. For this, you would need a shirt preferably in a bold color, and it should fit you perfectly. Loosely fitted shirt will not look good with this neck pattern.

First, decide on a neck pattern you want to try out. There are heaps of outlines accessible on the internet, and you can pick one from it. Get in printed and using a tracing paper, draw the design on the shirt, use your scissors to cut the designs. You can also extend the design to arms after making sure that it will suit the overall design and shirt.

Show Off  Your Ways To Cut A Shirt


You can create a fashionable bow back shirt from your old one. It is very simple, and all you need is a pair of scissors. First, cut a horizontal line on the back side of your shirt, the cut should be from one end of your shirt to the other. This cut will be used for creating the bow on your shirt.

Pull up the shirt from the cut and the neck side and join it together which will look like a bow. You can also crop the neck area to make it a little wider and can use the cut out remaining part of the shirt to tie the bow. It is better to leave the sleeves of the shirt as it is or you can make some designs on the sleeves as well.

Cool Shirt Design For A Sunny Day


Who wouldn’t like a loose fitted and airy shirt on a sunny day out? For this shirt cutting, you would need a free shirt which you can get from your husband. First, you need to cut a deep V-neck on the back side of your shirt. You can make it trendier if you have a contrast color shirt from which you can cut out some strips. Use this strips and sew them on to the gap of the V-neck horizontally. The strips can be thick or thin in size based on your taste.

Getting Creative With A Blade Cut


Take a blade and put your creative cap on. You can make abstract designs on the back side of your shirt using blades. Just slice a pattern and stretch out the edges to make it look artistic. You can do it lengthwise and breadthwise. Just make sure to have a consistent pattern otherwise it will look as if you are wearing rags.

Applique Work On Shirt


For this, you would need some lace or embroidery pieces or any other ready-made pattern. Use this pattern and sew it on the shirt. If you are using lace, cut out the shirt where you intend to place the lace so that it will have a chic look. You can also cut out the design of your choice and use lace to fill the gaps.

If you have some free time and need different clothes without spending too much, become your fashion designer using DIY shirt cutting. Hence, with a little creativity and low-cost material you can change the wardrobe in a few hours.

Meanwhile, for some modern designs, the ocean of internet is available to help you and made some amazing patterns from old shirts.


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