If you’re looking for wireless internet connection for your laptop, you have come to the right place. Usually, there are two type of modern wireless internet is offered by the providers. The widely used wireless internet for laptops is Wi-Fi, which is connected through an integrated chip on the mother board. The wireless internet data card for laptops is used by a small community of people however.

The internet data card is connected to the laptop via the USB port. This connection will allow you to connect your laptop with 2G, 3G and 4G network as well. Normally, these data connections are compatible in Mac, Windows and some of the Linux computers.


Connection Types

For the last few years there is huge change in the speed and reliability of the internet connections. With the increase in the speed of the download the users are now having much number of ways to connect through a wireless device with the internet. The most predominate part is ruled by the mobile cellular networks. Lately, the possession of the 3G network is higher and the people are migrating towards the 4G network for better usage of the internet through wireless internet connection.

  1. The 3G mobile network is has the capability to download at a rate of 350KB/Per Second.
  2. This is one fourth of the speed offered by DSL broadband.
  3. The DSL broadband has the capacity to download at a rate of 1.2 – 1.4 MB/per second.
  4. By using the 4G mobile internet connection using LTE standards, the download rate could reach 14 to 24 MB/ per second.

Note: It is important to know the hover range than the speeding in the wireless internet for laptops. As laptops are portable and can be moved anywhere, it is essential to know whether you Wi-Fi connection could stretch a longer range.

 Different ways to connect your laptop with wireless internet connection

There are plenty of ways to connect wireless internet connection for laptops. Here are some ways that can be used to connect your laptop by using various modes of connections.

Using Gadgets

As mentioned earlier, Wi-Fi hotspots are one of the easy ways to access the wireless internet connection for laptops. All you need is the password if it is a secured connection. Find a Wi-Fi hot spot and connect your laptop with wireless communication. Accessing the internet would be so simple with Wi-Fi connection.

Using Mobile Phone

Though this is one of the best medium to connect the laptop with wireless connection still it has some problems in addition. However, you have to pay for the internet access separately to the service provider. Both 3G and 4G networks are costly and you have to spend some bucks to use this connection to sync with your laptop.

Using Internet Café

This is a quick medium in which you can access your files through the web. All you have to do is to connect your laptop with an embedded Wi-Fi. By enabling the Wi-Fi on to your laptop you can call to any location as per you need. However, internet café is one of the cheapest internet providers, as you will benefit them.

  Wireless Internet Connection Pricing

  • So, how to pick the pricing plan for your wireless interconnection for laptop, the first thing you have consider is the pattern in which you want use, either partially or in full fledged manner.
  • Select a plan that suits you the most, beware that adding wireless connection to laptop through your mobile phone adds to the cost of data plan that you have to pay for tablet or smartphone.
  • The service providers are started to offer some exciting offers for the users, some of them are costing for the time usage instead of charging byte usage.
  • In addition, many providers have started to offer unlimited plans based on some fixed charges.

Data Plans

  • Multiple carrier providers offering data plans for wireless connection at a rate of $15-30 per months.
  • The pricing of the plan is based on the bundle of services and speed of the data connections.
  • Usually, these types of plans are paid monthly, and even if you don’t use the device you have to pay for the monthly subscription.
  • Note that you can’t claim any refunds when you’ve not used the data connection for a month.

Wireless Internet Connection Set Up

  • If you’re looking for a wireless data connection then you should choose the pattern in which you’re going to pay for the connection.
  • For Wi-Fi connection, you will require a router box, in which you have to plug in the wire to connect your PC and use the Wi-Fi range to connect with your laptop.
  • There are ample numbers of devices available for wireless data connection devices, which you can simply find in the internet.
  • You can use the LAN card to connect your device with the internet.
  • As mentioned above USB data cards is one way to connect your laptop with the internet.

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