Award shows are made to give recognition to the actors and people who have done a great job with their art. However, when it comes to MTV Movie Awards, it’s all about fun and entertainment. Apart from giving the awards, this award ceremony is full of dirty humor and entertainments. This year Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” and Kevin Hart hosted the show, and they did a great job.

The whole auditorium was laughing and shouting, from Mad Max entrance to NWA’s Oscar joke, everything was perfect and hilarious. Well if you have seen the show you may remember that there were many funny movements from the show. Here we have complied Top Ten most Hilarious moments of 2016 MTV Movie Awards.

1.Johnson and Hart’s Leo and the Bear Rap

Everybody has seen the Movie “Revenant,” it’s epic and it is awesome. The Revenant, at last, gave Leonardo DiCaprio an Oscar, after so many movies, after so many roles, at last after fighting with a big bear Leo got his Oscar and everybody on the internet went mental. Revenant was a great movie and what makes it ever better is the Bear fighting scene of Leonardo DiCaprio, it was just unreal. The bear came and tore Leo apart from behind, but MTV Movie Awards 2016 hosts Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart saw it differently, he saw Leo getting f***d by bear from behind. Well, that is hilarious to imagine and even more, when The Rock and Hart start singing a Rap song about it. Well, they both have summed up the movie with one catchy line “Leo Got F***ed by a Bear”.

2.Mad Max Inspired Entrance


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Kevin Hart hosted the show, and they had a great evening, but the thing which was most spectacular was their “Mad Max Style” entrance. They just took the entrance of any award show to a whole another level. As the show was in the backyard of Warner Bros, the production value of the props and other things were just great. The Rock has a guitar which can throw flames; it was just like the movie. The Entrance was Mad Max inspired and even the vehicles, make ups, costume and backup artists were u to the top. The comedian Kevin Hart of hilariously locked up at the front of the Vehicle with his face restrained. It was an epic and hilarious entrance. It was quite an entrance.

3.Straight Outta Compton’s Oscar Joke

Straight Outta Compton is a great movie about the lives of NWA members, and it did make an impact at MTV Movie Awards 2016. Straight Outta Compton won the award for Best True Story Movie. However, the best part came when the cast went on stage to collect the award and Jason Mitchell, who played Eazy-E started his speech like, “I’d just like to thank the Academy. I mean MTV! I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry – my bad!” Yes! You are right; it was a dig on Oscar Diversity Controversy. Well, if you haven’t updated then let me tell you when Oscar nominations were announced there were no Black or other ethnicity people in the nomination, which led to a public outrage and #OscarsSoWhite were on the charts. It was a joke on Oscars and their Diversity. In short, It was a Burnnnnnn! moment for Oscars.

4.Seth Rogan’s Muscle Speech


Seth Rogen is known for his comic roles, and he is the same in real life also. Seth Rogen can make you laugh like a mad; that’s just his superpower. Seth Rogen joined his Neighbors 2 Co-star Zac Efron on stage to present the award for “Best Comedic Performance” but there was a twist, Seth was looking little different. Well, Seth Rogen was looking little buffed. Looking at his unusual buffed up body, Zac asked, “Dude, what’s going on here?”, “Your body, dude. You are enormous. You are huge. What the heck happened to you? What did you do to your body?.” Seth Rogen responded, “”I think the real question, Zac, is what did you do to my body? You forced me into this! And not just you. It is also Kevin Hart, The Rock, Ryan motherf–king Reynolds! You’re all funny and muscley at the same time and it’s not fair! You’re messing with the formula, and I had to adapt, brother, by taking whatever substance I can get my hands on!”

5. Zac apologizing to Seth’s Testicles

The muscle speech by Seth Rogen moved Zac, and he felt bad for Seth and his body, especially to his testicles. When Zac gave an apology to Seth, he hilariously added that he should be apologizing to his testicles as they are shrunk to almost nothing because of substance he has taken. Moreover, it was one of the most hilarious moments of MTV Movie Awards 2016 when Zack went on his knees and looked at Seth’s junk and sincerely apologized.

Unfortunately, they’re a bit stubborn. “Well, they don’t forgive you, Zachary. They will never forgive you,” Seth said.

6.The Lonely Island’s Tribute to Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

The Lonely Island gave Will Smith a tribute in a very hilarious fashion. The stunt was hilarious and amazing; they came in the fashion of late 80’s and sang the title theme of Will Smith’s breakthrough show “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” They also sang and danced to some other theme of Will Smith, but this one was just a bomb. It made the whole crowd laugh and nostalgic. It was a tribute to Will’s infectious musical legacy; The Lonely Island put everything up very perfectly and made it look hilarious and epic at the same time.

In 2016 MTV Movie Awards, Will Smith won the prestigious MTV Generation Award. And as he collected his “Golden Popcorn” Award he joked that this award is actually an “Old Ass Dude Award.”

7.Rebel Wilson and Adam DeVine’s Kiss

Rebel Wilson and Adam DeVine won the award for “Best Kiss” for their movie Pitch Perfect 2. It wasn’t the shocker; the shocker was what they did after that on stage. Well, to be honest, they just proved why they won and deserved the Best Kiss award at MTV Movie Awards 2016. Let me clear this up; they just didn’t kiss modestly or on lips, it was full blown kiss which set the stage on fire in front of hundreds of people. As Rebel and Adam accepted the Golden Popcorn award for Best Kiss, Rebel said, “she knew what they wanted, but there was no way she was kissing Adam” to the screaming audience. Both were making fun of each other and hilariously without finishing the sentence, Adam dropped his award and grabbed Rebel, and they both started making out. Both fall on the floor but didn’t leave each other, there was even a time when TV viewers saw blurred images. Now you can assume how hot it was.

8.Key and Peele’s Invisible cat

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Key and Peele, two people who can kill you with their hilarious words. They are nuclear bombs of comedy and in any context, they are just super hilarious.  Their Comedy Central show has ended, but they are still making people laugh of all ages. They both pulled a great act when they pretended to hold a cat, which they did not have. When they were on stage, they just hold their hands and acted like they have a cat with them and believe me it was hilarious. They were promoting their upcoming movie “Keanu”, an action-packed comedy movie.

9.Johnson and Hart’s Childhood

During the MTV Movie Awards 2016, Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart were disusing about the inception of these Awards shows. MTV Movie Awards were started in 1992, and they both were teasing each other by asking them what they were doing in 1992. Surprisingly Kevin Hart had a photo of “The Rock” from 1992, where he is dressed in a fade, turtleneck, chain and fanny pack. Well, that was very embarrassing for Dwayne Johnson and very hilarious for the rest of the audience. Then Hart’s 1992 photo was also shown and apparently Hart in 1992 never liked his pants. He was pant-less and holding a cake when asked “What the f**k you were doing”, Hart replied in a hilarious way that he was putting his d**k in that pie. They both just cracked everyone sitting there with their witty humor.

10.Deadpool and Ryan Reynolds

Now we all have seen the movie “Deadpool”, and we know how awesome the movie was with Ryan Reynolds’s acting. Well, he did the same thing in MTV Movie Awards 2016. Ryan Reynolds won the best comedic performance awards for his role in Deadpool; he deserved it. However, it was his introduction which took the stage with a great blow. There were lots of Deadpool messing around on the Deadpool song, and they were also messing with the actual Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds. This entire act was the center of the show, and people were laughing as hard as they did while watching the movie.

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