Online multiplayer shooting games are some of the most addicting online gameplay you could ever get yourself into. The reason is since you’re involving yourself in a world in which you’re not just interacting with the game itself – but even with other players who are not even in the same room with you. As an effect, there is a level of realism and complexity to the game you’re playing that can only be achieved by physically going out and playing some sort of interactive game with real life people. There are a plenty of free online multiplayer shooting games available in the Internet. Let’s take a sneak-peek into some of the best online multiplayer shooting games.

Top Free Online Multiplayer Shooting Games You Should Play!

Battlefield Play4Free

Battlefield Play4Freeis free online 3D, Massive Multiplayer First Person Shooter game for Windows PC with incredible graphics, breathtaking visuals and wide range of vehicles to choose from.

As a player, you acquire new combat skills throughout the gameplay and make in-game money to spend on a huge range of destructive armors and gears to use in online combats. The game re-created the life of a professional soldier. As you proceed through the game, you can advance your physical abilities, combat expertise, and available equipments. This is one of the most widely played free online multiplayer shooting games around the world.

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A very fast paced and yet very hyperactive fps game. When I say hyperactive, I actually mean hyperactive. I’m talking about bunny jumping (an unusual way of hopping, letting you to move very rapid), seen in other games, but implemented and absolutely worked out, about running, rolling and leaping up over the walls. Warsow is very much about first-person shooting and as well as acrobatics. To master the entire ‘acrobatic strategies’, it has packed you with some tutorials –which you better try out before getting into the real deal.

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TrueCombat: Elite

A free, plan-based-teamplay oriented, battle simulation shooter game that can be played in Windows, Mac, and Linux, set in a modern-era environment. You’ll be playing the role of a smart soldier of fortune in the battles of two world-wide operating forces. There will be two teams with two different war objectives that are shown in the maps. Several kinds of gameplays are available, including Bodycount, 1 Life Mission and Capture the Flag. TrueCombat: Elite sports virtual weapon behavior simulation, the ability for various armors to penetrate various objects, advanced ballistic simulation, and real-like lens flares, flash bend effects, and glare. This is one of the best online multiplayer shooting games.

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War Rock

War Rock has been set out as a free online game from the very first and extras can be bought additionally. You can pick out among 5 basic levels: assault, sniper, engineer, heavy trooper and medic. You have 3 basic game modes and 3 additional modes. The three basic game modes are “Urban Ops”, “Free for All” and “Close Quarters Combat”. “Urban Ops” involves two teams, featuring larger maps and more several additional gears like mounted guns and cars. “Free for All” is like a normal “Deathmatch” as seen in other games; wipe out everyone you face, or be killed. In “Close Quarters Combat” you will play in comparatively small maps, therefore getting in more absolute battle.

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F.E.A.R. Combat

The title stands for the meaning First Encounter Assault Recon; “FEAR” suits the game, though. Most of us know or have played the game (maybe at least one of the extensions), but not a wide range of people know that the added multiplayer option has been launched on the web by its creators, offering you the chance to get it for free! In the game you’ll be playing as a part of Special Forces or as one among the cloned soldiers. This is one of the most popular online multiplayer shooting games.

Alien Arena

In Alien Arena, you will be playing the role of an Alien, that you create yourself. It’s an old-fashioned science fiction game, for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, with advanced features and great, colorful arcade-like environments. You select over several different guns, music, maps, and options, making the game stand out among others.

The game has a huge, in-built player profiles, making it simple to find a great battle going on, at any time of a day. Players of the friendly community have set up plenty of maps, models, and several accessories, contributing the Alien Arena gameplay experience.

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Gotham City Imposters

This is a free to play online, 3D, download-only, multiplayer shooter for Windows (and Xbox Live and PlayStation Network). In this gameplay, Gotham City has turned overrun with raging criminals dressed-up like Batman and coward crooks dressed-up like the Joker. The two teams are into an open battle on the streets of Gotham City. Upgrade your character by achieving and unlocking the 1000 stages of player improvement through multiplayer modes and solo challenges. This is one of the cool looking free online multiplayer shooting games.

GunZ The Duel

It is a fast faced, 3D, Massive Multiplayer Online Third-person Shooter game for PC in which adventurers, bounty hunters and treasure hunters get over the border between the Republic and the Empire 50 years after the end of the conflict. Play this game online with 16 players at a time in 8 various game levels. Run on walls, shoot rockets, blast away your opponents, and deflect bullets with your sword. Earn cash, or “bounty”, by executing well against other players, and utilize that bounty to buy new armors and weapons from the game’s store. This is one of the immersive free online multiplayer shooting games.

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