We all love movies as they give us an escape from reality. Here are some of the cursed movies that have had so many cursed events around them. Do not blame the writer if you are not able to sleep properly after reading it.

Caution – Believe it or not but supernatural forces do exist.

1. Poltergeist:

This movie is all about an evil ghost waiting in the home and stealing a family’s young daughter is not that horrifying enough but what is more horrifying is what happened to the cast in real life. Four members of the cast from this movie died from either cancer, being murdered or other health complications. It all happened within six years of the movie release. It is believed by many people that all this happened because the makers of the movie have used real human remains, and the actors were not made aware of.


But yeah we do not know if this is a curse or just a bad luck. Isn’t it terrifying?

2. Superman:

We all love Superman, but you might not be knowing the fact that makers have been played with bad luck after the movie. The first to be affected by the curse is the actor George Reeves, who played Superman in the 1950’s, who shot in the head in 1959.

giphy (1)

After that the most famous the Christopher accident that happened in 1995 that paralyzed him from the waist down. Richard from the Superman 3 died with multiple problems and, even Dean Cain has suffered a lot. All this reminds me of Henry Cavill; someone should give this man of steel call.

3. The Omen:

If there were a king of cursed movies, the omen from 1976 would be in the running. You will be shocked after knowing that at the time of filming the scriptwriter, the executive producer and the star Gregory Peck was hit by lightning. On the 13 August 1976, special effects consultant John Richard crashed his car injured himself in killing his assistant. The plane that was scheduled for using in the film crashed badly and killed everyone on the board.


Yeah, Like I said cursed.

4. The Exorcist:

This film is still considered as one of the scariest film ever made but what is even scarier is what happened behind the scenes. There are so many stories behind this movie but let me introduce you with some. Up to nice people associated with the film died including cast, crew, and relatives. Actress Ellen Burstyn, who played the mother of Linda Blair, suffered a spinal injury on the sets. If this sounds very common to you, then what if the set burn down due to unexplained circumstances? Due to all these incidents, the director finally called a real priest on the sets.


5. Passion of the Christ:

During the filming of this movie, the assistant director was hit by lightning not once but twice. Also, the main actor also got hit by the lighting and also dislocated his shoulder, suffered from a lung infection and ammonia at the time of shooting. Well, you cannot say that all these things are mere coincidence.


Hard to deal with these curses? There are more like this. Let me know if you have ever heard or experienced some mysterious things around you.


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