There is always this child in every one of us’ heart that, regardless of age, still wants to go to theme parks to relieve the stress of hectic day-to-day life. There are many theme parks in the world, but among all of these theme parks, there are really some that outranks the rest.

Perhaps, these parks offer more rides and other attractions. Or maybe they are simply fun and unparalleled when it comes to adventures and memories. Whatever the reasons are, only one thing is for sure that these parks are one of the most well-visited and famous for.

If you want to visit an amusement park yet you do not know where to go, we recommend you to check out these places since these are the 20 Most Visited Theme Parks in the World. They are not well-visited for nothing, right?

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Most Visited Theme Parks in the World

1. Magic Kingdom (Walt Disney World) – United States of America


Among the theme parks at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, Magic Kingdom was the first to be built and it was opened on 1971. Primarily, Magic Kingdom has been dedicated to Disney characters and fairy tales. In 2014, it took the spot for six consecutive years as the most visited themed parks in the world with 19.33 million visitors. Magic Kingdom has been famously represented by its Cinderella Castle.

2. Tokyo Disneyland – Japan


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Another Disneyland that is well-visited is in Urayasu, Chiba, Japan, which is near Tokyo. The Tokyo Disneyland had 17.2 million visitors in 2013. Opened in 1983, this theme park is the first Disneyland to be built outside the United States to the delight of the Japanese and other Asian people.

However, the Tokyo Disneyland and its partner, Tokyo Disney Sea, are not owned by the Walt Disney Company. Rather it is owned by The Oriental Land Company who licensed it out from Walt Disney. In total, the park has seven themed areas that everyone can take pleasure and enjoy.

3. Disneyland Anaheim – United States of America


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Opened in 1955, the Disneyland Park in Anaheim is the only theme park designed and built with direct supervision from Walt Disney. Originally, it should have been the only attraction in the property, but since many expansions were made, its name was changed to Disneyland Park to make a distinction among the others.

The concept of Disneyland was brought forth when Walt Disney was visiting the Griffiths Park in Los Angeles together with his daughters, Diane and Sharon. While he was watching his kids ride the merry-go-round, he thought of making a park where both adults and children can enjoy – thus, the Disneyland concept was born.

4. Tokyo Disney Sea – Japan


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Partner of the Tokyo Disneyland, the Tokyo Disney Sea is also located in Urasayu, Chiba, Japan and is not owned by The Walt Disney Company but rather by The Oriental Land Company. It opened in 2001 at a 335 billion yen cost. It had an estimated 14 million visitors back in 2013, which typically increased now.

It is also one of the fastest theme parks to reach 10 million guests and upgraded a milestone by doing so. The Tokyo Disney Sea was able to reach that huge number of guests in just 307 days after it has been opened.

5. Universal Studios – Japan


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Placed in Osaka, the Universal Studios in Japan is one of the studios owned and managed by the USJ Co., Ltd, after they licensed it from NBC Universal. It is somehow comparable to the Universal Orlando Resort since it has attractions that are also found in the latter as well as in Universal Studios Hollywood.

There had been 11 million who visited the theme park in less than a year from it’s opening – making it one of the fastest amusement park to reach a significant milestone too.


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