Android is loved by most people because of several factors; however it ranks first because of the wide range of apps and games offered by it. People who got addicted to its classy games are inclined and predetermined to it as they know what they can enjoy with it. Though there are a variety of top free android games available on the Play Store, yet it looks hard to go through all of them and then install the best out of the deal. So here we assist you by providing a hand-picked list of best free Android games in order to offer you promising adventure.

List of Top 15 Best Free Android Games

#15 Traffic Rider

Source - Google Play
Source – Google Play

Category: Racing

Developer: Soner Kara

Traffic Rider is an action packed first person motorcycle game. Traffic Rider is a very detailed game with simple yet amazing visuals. The handling of the bike in the game is very realistic, and the player won’t have any problem in controlling the bike. It is an endless racing game which also comes with career mode. The sound in the game is also realistic, the bike sound are real, and they recorded the real life bike sound for the game. You can choose from 20 mind-blowing world-class bikes, the career mode got more than 40 missions. So don’t think more and hit the road, download the game from Play Store.


  • Choose from 20 Motorbikes
  • The sound of the bikes is real which gives the game extra awesomeness.
  • It got more than 40 missions for you in Career Mode with online leaderboards and 30+ achievements.
  • The game is supported in 17 languages.

#14 2048

Source - Wikipedia
Source – Wikipedia

Category: Puzzle

Developer: Estoty Entertainment LLC

It is simple and very addictive puzzle game. Once you start you will play it till your battery dies. It will challenge the depth of your brain. The motive is simple, move the tiles by swiping them, the tiles will add each other if they have the same number. And just like that you have to create a tile with 2048 number on it. The tiles will go like 2,4,8…1024..2048. Just after the launch the game skyrocketed the “Top Download” chard on Play Store. There is nothing wrong with this game; it is simple, addictive and challenging. So don’t wait and download this ridiculous addictive game from Play Store.


  • Your last game will be automatically autosaved even if you end the game or battery dies.
  • There are three game modes, one with unlimited “Undo” mode other is Survival mode and last one is X-Tile mode. All three are challenging and amazing.
  • Beautiful User Interface and simple animation.
  • The sound and the theme of the game is also amazing.

#13 Fruit Ninja

Source - Wikipedia
Source – Wikipedia

Category: Arcade

Developer: Halfbrick Studios

The original game for slicking the juicy fruits. Fruit Ninja is one of the most popular games in the world. The game is super simple; all you have to do is Slice Fruits. The blades and Dojos have unique effect while slicking the fruits. To play the game, all you have to do is to slide your finger across the screen and it will slice the fruit in half with mesmerizing and juicy effects. If you hit a bomb you are out. The motive is to slice more and more fruits, the longer you slice longer you stay. There are many fruits which you can slice like a Ninja and every fruit will cut in a great effect. So Slice Fruits, not Bombs…download this game from Play Store.


  • You can now explore the depth of Classic, Zen and fan favorite Arcade mode.
  • The Pomegranate multi-slice effect is very amazing and mesmerizing to look.

#12 Dead Effect 2

Source - YouTube
Source – YouTube

Category: Action

Developer: BadFly Interactive, a.s.

Dead Effect 2 is a game which brought the new shine and polish to the first person shooter gaming in Android. His first-person shooter action packed game looks absolutely amazing with its graphics and gameplay. The game got console quality graphics which is better than any mobile based action game. The storyline of the game is amazing and it got RPG elements which make the game more engaging. There are many weapons and gear which you can upgrade as you play further level. You can download the game from PlayStore.


  • The graphics are really amazing; it got console quality graphics which will provide you realistic effects and stunning environments.
  • Just like the graphics, sound is also amazing and it is up to the level of console based games. The soundtrack, narration and atmospheric sounds are like movie quality.
  • The game got 3 different personalities whom you can train and develop during the game. It got 100+ gear sets and 40 + upgradable weapons.
  • Dead Effect is long as compared with other action games on Mobile platform, it got 20+ hours of gameplay and 10+ hours of special achievements.

#11 QuizUp

Source -
Source –

Category: Trivia

Developer: Plain Vanilla Games Corp

QuizUp is a trivia based mobile game, one of the most famous Quiz based game. It has shown the world that everyone sucks when it comes to a “Quiz Game”. So if you are a quiz nerd and love to be update on different topics then this is the game you should start playing. The quizzes in the “QuizUp” are mixture of many different genres, from your casual knowledge to Science and movie stuff. You can play alone to check your general knowledge or you can challenge players from around the world. So, play QuizUp and act smart, download the game from Play Store.


  • Challenge your friends for a real-time match. You can also play with strangers around the globe in whatever topic you choose.
  • There are many topics where you can test your knowledge, from countries based questions to movies based questions.

#10. Vector


Category: Arcade & Action

Developer: Nekki.

The arcade style game Vector got you as a free runner who won’t be kept back by the system. The game starts with a perspective into a totalitarian universe where individually and freedom is more than a far dream. But the heart of a free-runner is brave, and you presently break free. Run, slide, climb and vault using impressive skills based on the urban-ninja play of Parkour all when being went after by ‘Big Brother’ whose only duty is to catch you and take you back. You can install this game using Play Store.


  • 20 challenging levels (“Deluxe Version” has 40)
  • Arcade game-mode from the developers of the hit Facebook game
  • Easy to learn, pretty hard to master
  • Surprisingly realistic Parkour-inspired motions made realistic by Cascadeur animation tools

#09. Trial Xtreme 3


Category: Racing

Developer: Deemedya m.s. ltd.

Trial Xtreme 3 is made with breath-taking new conceptions and awesome features. Take on 112 entirely real courses, racing your friends, and watch out for hundreds of mines, wrecked cars, or water pipes that along your way.

Customize your rider and bike as per your wishes, then start racing by having the advantage of the magnificent new social networking and offline multiplayer features, that lets you to challenge friends or random players even while they are offline. This is one among the famous and best free Android games. You can install this game using Play Store.


  • 32 free courses out of a full of 112 levels among 6 universes and hundreds of new hurdles
  • Game with device’s buttons or accelerometer
  • Latest, sophisticated physics engine that overturns game-play
  • Play single or head to head against your Facebook friends or random players
  • Top notch graphics for both tablets and smartphones
  • Customize your rider and bike
  • Varied high score table for each level

#08. Dumb Ways to Die


Category: Casual

Developer: Metro Trains

Well, you’ve watched the video – now the lives of those cute dumb characters are in your hands. Go through 15 funny mini-games as you try to earn all the adorable dumb characters for your train station, hit high scores and unlock the popular music video that started everything. From snakes and piranhas to level crossings and platforms – flick, swipe, and tap to safely get away from a wide range of DUMB WAYS TO DIE. You can install this game using Play Store.


  • Decent graphics
  • Best sound track
  • Accomplish missions to unlock the music video
  • 15 mini-games
  • Hilarious and interesting obstacles

#07. Dots: A Game About Connecting


Category: Brain & Puzzle

Developer: Playdots, Inc.

The splendid and addictive hit game Dots is now available for Android smartphone and tablet users! The work is very easy; connect as many similar colored dots as possible in a minute. Battle your friends on Facebook and Twitter to beat the high scores and share it on your profile. Check out gravity shuffling mode, the no-limits, Endless mode of Dots. A timeless moved based mode is also available; sit back and take your own time while planning the moves.

Every dot you make can be used on Power Ups. If used wisely, Power Ups might make a huge impact on hiking your score! Earn more dots for each dot eliminated form a game, or, if you’re out of time, you could even buy them. This is one of the latest top free Android games that gone viral among the planet. You can install this game using Play Store.

#06. Plague Inc.


Category: Brain & Puzzle


#1 top best free Android game world-wide with more than 2000 million games played so far!

Can you contaminate the Earth? Plague Inc. is an extraordinary blend of strategy and amazingly real-like simulation. Your virus has got affected ‘Patient Zero’. Now you should make way for the end of human history by developing a fatal, universal Virus while adjusting against all things humanity could do to guard itself.

Magnificently executed with advanced game-play and made from the base up for touch-screen, Plague Inc. from the developer Ndemic Creations derives the strategy genre and forces mobile gaming (also you) to new floors. It’s You vs. the Planet – solely the strongest could possibly survive! So now you know how this game has got a place in this best free Android games list. You can install this game using Play Store.


  • 12 various disease kinds with revolutionary different plots to master
  • Breath-taking retina graphics with a fine-tuned interface (Contagion assured)
  • Over 50 countries to contaminate, hundreds of characters to develop and thousands of global events to adopt to
  • Extremely detailed, ultra-vivid world with hi-tech AI (Outbreak management)
  • Total game support for achievements and scoreboards
  • Wide in-game help and tutorial function

#05. Madden NFL Mobile


Category: Sports Games

Developer: Electronic Arts

Here comes the feast for all football fans. Madden NFL Mobile by Electronic Arts will offer football devotees the ultimate joy of football. Pick your favorite NFL players and create the best team. Rule the yard and tackle friends in offensive shootout mode. The game boasts crispy game play and stunning graphics. This is one of the best top free Android games. You can install this game using Play Store.


  • Authentic NFL action
  • Latest, enhanced touch controls
  • Build your own best team
  • Play multiple Madden NFL modes

#04. Dead Trigger 2


Category: Arcade & Action

Developer: MADFINGER Games

Dead Trigger 2 offers root-knot first-person shooting back to the zombie catastrophe. Regardless of whole hyper-realistic graphics, Dead Trigger 2 stays on cram-full of rib-tickling humor. Controls utilize a quick and intelligent auto-fire mechanism which maintains the focus while aiming and moving.

More especially, there’s a racy crafting and hideout system where you have different helpers to make stuff for you, although it requires time. There is bounty cash in place, but it’s used all but particularly to quicken the building speed; each weapon can be made and upgraded with the help of cash you earn throughout the game. Usual events take players to new parts of the universe, with collective honors if targets are achieved.

If you’re searching for a top-notch shooter, you’ll have a rare chance finding something better than Dead Trigger 2. You can install this game using Play Store.


  • Real-time story development
  • Surprising new game content
  • The Finger is more powerful than the Gun
  • The Hideout
  • Enhanced for TEGRA 4 devices
  • Eye-widening graphics
  • Bonus features

#03. Plants vs. Zombies 2


Category: Casual

Developer: Electronic Arts Inc

In Plants vs. Zombies 2, zombies are moving on their way gradually to your house and you should create a battle line-up and utilize your planting abilities to defend them. Lighting Reed, Bloomerang and Bonk Choy are few of the latest arrival in your plant collection to battle the zombies. Earn coins and buy power-ups that would bring new looks to the game. Find how far you could survive in the action strategy game! You can install this game using Play Store.


  • Shoot up surprising Finger Powers to flick, zap and pinch zombies
  • Fit potential new plants that will protect your yard by time
  • Collect stars to unlock new worlds
  • Run toe-to-missing-toe with packs of new zombies
  • Overcome brain-storming challenges that might check your zombie-zapping abilities
  • Link with Game Services to earn accomplishments and tackle against friends on the Leader-boards
  • Defeat all zombies among all worlds in Piñata Party and gain rewards
  • Boost your floral buddies with healthy doses of Plant meal
  • Watch out! Zombie chickens!

#02. Galaxy on Fire 2


Category: Arcade & Action

Developer: FISHLABS Entertainment GmbH

Galaxy on Fire 2 is a sci-fi role-playing game (RPG) that features players smashing through an adorably-furnished world. Quests range from mining asteroids to tracking down space pirates and everything within it. There’s enough of swapping to do, and you could anytime upgrade your ship and purchase new rides with the treasure you earn. There’s a deep plot of the story to enjoy, and extensions accessible by in-app buys. You can install this game using Play Store.


  • Over 50 customizable space-ships and loads of various defense systems, commodities and power-ups
  • Leader-boards and achievements thru Google Play game services (i.e. GPGS)
  • Breath-taking stunning graphics including specified 3D models, amazing Special FX and high resolution textures
  • An epic galaxy with more than 30 star systems and over 100 space stations and planets
  • Action Freeze™: Make screenshots from any view and store them onto your smartphone or tablet
  • An unusual mix of mission-based, sandbox and story-driven gameplay
  • Total support of the varying capabilities and resolutions of more than 200 Android-packed tablets and smartphones
  • Full voice-acting, orchestral soundtrack and 3D sound

#01. Asphalt 8: Airborne


Category: Racing

Developer: Gameloft

Here comes the top best free Android games for race addicts. Asphalt 8: Airborne is the current favorite racing game for most of us. It hops all claims of hyper-reality and offers a top-notch, high-voltage game with all the trimmings. Players could make their path by the career mode, unlock new exciting cars, upgrade them, or have the battle online in live or swaged multiplayer. The regular race events are there, in addition to that a new Tainted one where players need to tag other before buckling under to a cranky virus. The amazingly polished visuals and stunning soundtrack make Asphalt 2 an adrenaline travel you can’t forget easily. You can install this game using Play Store.


  • New Exotic locations
  • New features for Speed Freaks
  • 8 seasons & 180 different courses to choose in career mode
  • Luxury Dream Cars
  • Soundtrack to REV your Soul
  • Get Airborne
  • Simultaneous Ghost & Multiplayer challenges
  • Stunning real-like visuals with real-time geometry reflection, next-gen shaders and other intelligent effects for new speed simulation

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