Nepal is home to many of the famous and remarkable treks in the world. Every year Nepal attracts more than 200,000 trekkers. With eight of the top ten highest summits around the globe and some of the most spectacular landscapes which can only be reached by foot, Spots in Nepal is one of the most extraordinary experiences offered by the country.

Nepal’s most popular activity is trekking, and due to this, travellers have bombarded the streets of Kathmandu and Pokhara continuously. Pokhara is the trekking hub of Nepal, and this city is filled with many trekking gears shops, tour guides, and tour organising companies. The mountains of Nepal allow people of different ages and capabilities to attempt a trek here. Nepal is a scenic place ideal for trekking, especially for people from Delhi who are always looking for places where they can indulge in adventurous activities. So, if coming from Delhi, book your Delhi to Kathmandu flight soon and find out what the hype of Nepal treks is all about.

Ten spots in Nepal that are trekker’s heaven:

1. Everest

Nepal that are trekker’s heaven

Trekking around the world’s highest mountain – Mountain Everest (8,850 m), is an excellent spot in Nepal, as it not only lets you see numerous other majestic peaks but also lets you get acquainted with the Sherpa people, who are known for their fantastic climbing skills.

2. Annapurna Circuit

Nepal that are trekker’s heaven1

This one is an easy trek with lots of tea-houses. This trek is a perfect trek if you are planning to trek with your family.

3. Annapurna Base Camp

Nepal that are trekker’s heaven2.jpg

This trek will give you the unique opportunity to stand face-to-face with the world’s most dangerous mountain to Climb – Annapurna. This camp is near Pokhara city, which can also be explored after the trek.

4. Poonhill Trek

Nepal that are trekker’s heaven3.jpg

This trek spots in Nepal offers impressive views of the Dhaulagiri and Annapurna Mountain Ranges. It’s ideal for the tourists who only have a few days in hand.

5. Langtang Trek

It is considered as one of the best treks in Nepal and is ideal for you if you have only 7-8 days in hand. This trek offers cultural insights such as local villages, monasteries and also an opportunity to hike as per your own preference.

6. Manaslu Trek

Nepal that are trekker’s heaven4

Officially opened in the early 90’s, the Manaslu trek is a cultural trek par excellence, and one of the most fun treks in Nepal.

7. Gokyo Trek

Nepal that are trekker’s heaven5

Located towards the west of the Everest Base Camp trek, this trek is a fantastic alternative if you are looking for fewer tourists and more isolation. At the core of this trek, the five Emerald Lakes along with majestic mountain peaks are located.

8. Upper Mustang

Nepal that are trekker’s heaven7

It is a traditional camping trek which is now available via comfortably spaced guesthouses. A fantastic option if you want an insight into the Tibetan culture together and want to look at some beautiful landscapes.

9. Upper Dolpo

Nepal that are trekker’s heaven8

This one is a hidden gem accompanied with cultural impressions such as barren landscapes, Tibetan style villages, fertile rice terraces, and mountain peaks.

10. Kanchenjunga

Nepal that are trekker’s heaven9

While trekking here, you will come across one of the most rural regions in Nepal, accompanied by pure, untouched nature. It is a difficult and a long trek which is only recommended to the fit trekkers. Situated at an extremely secluded area of the Himalayas, this trek offers splendid views of Mt. Kanchenjunga and Mt. Makalu.

After reading about all these fantastic trekking destinations in Nepal, you’d sure want to book your Delhi to Kathmandu flight as soon as possible. One thing is for sure that you’ll never be disappointed.


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