Science Fiction books for Kids – Well, it may look like Science Fiction has gone out of the popularity range.

It’s not the fact. Kids still plead adventure; children still look for joy, fiction, fantasy and flee from the reality. Media platforms have never stop to grow, getting ever littler, ever quicker and ever less demanding for us to get out of the world.

Regardless, an unconventional wonder has foamed out to the surface of shoal mindless future we call the present. Books, specifically kids’ books, have not just finished what had been started.

They have been floating through the modern age as though on a travel of immortality, provoking innovation with the recognized hush of a twice-nibbled cow. As per the reports from different online sources, sales of soft and hard cover kid’s science fiction novels have reached a tremendous growth.

Below is the list of top 10 best selling Science Fiction books for Kids:

10 Best Science Fiction Books For Kids

10: Shake Down (Jack Davis Mysteries)


Author: Joel Goldman

If you are addicted to Thrill and Fiction, then Shake Down by Joel Goldman will be right choice for you. Joel Goldman is a best-selling crime novel author. In Shake Down, he introduces the magnificent and ambiguous FBI agent Jack Davis. Go for investigating with Jack and his team to find out an unlikely killer!


09: Stone Cold (The Alex Stone Thriller Series)

Author: Joel Goldman

Get ready to experience the edge of the seat thriller. The Stone Cold is full of non-stop suspense, and suspense delivered at its best on every page.


08: The Dark Heroine: Dinner with a Vampire

Author: Abigail Gibbs

The Dark Heroine: Dinner with a Vampire is the introduction novel for the author, Abigail Gibbs. It is a memorable and wild dream; an unimaginably sexy read. Grab your copy now to enjoy the thriller.


07: No Way Out (Jack Davis Thrillers)

Author: Joel Goldman

No Way Out is the third book of the Jack Davis Thriller series after Shakedown and The Dead Man. No Way Out is packed up with page turner fast step action, edge of the seat thriller, and never ending suspense.

06: Broken Pieces (Essays Inspired By Life)


Authors: Rachel Thompson, Jessica Swift, Natasha Brown and Bennet Pomerantz

Broken Pieces is a gathering of pieces roused by life: love, misfortune, ill-use, trust, distress, and eventually, love once more. This book ought not to be interpreted as a self improvement or philosophical – rather one lady’s encounters and how she has adequately survived.

05: Encrypted: An Action-Packed Techno-Thriller


Author: Carolyn McCray

Encrypted by Carolyn McCray is a bold written Action-Packed Techno-Thriller as in the title. The story revolves around an FBI agent and the Robin Hood Hacker, who were trying to save the world from another Dark Ages.

04: Dead Times Four (Lou Mason Thrillers)


Author: Joel Goldman

Dead Times Four by Joel Goldman is fine package of full-length suspense and edge-of-the-seat thriller that keeps your turning the pages. Joel Goldman has once again proved that he is a best-selling crime author.


03: Triple Threat (Jack Davis Thrillers)

Author: Joel Goldman

One who read the first book or any book of the Jack Davis Thrillers series will be caught by the lure to read the whole series. Triple Threat is a combo of the three books of Jack Davis Thrillers. The main character of the series is Jack Davis an FBI agent, who investigates a mass murder along with his life threatening problems.

02: The Last Witness: Lou Mason Thrillers


Author: Joel Goldman

The Last Witness: Lou Mason Thrillers is a book that you’ll love to read twice. It has a good story plot with lots of twists, turns, and relentless suspense and nice ending.

01: Awoken


Author: Timothy Miller

Awoken by Timothy Miller unveils the story of Michael Stevens, a fourteen year old orphan. The boy Michael Stevens hears a strange music coming from the rocks, which put him into a big trouble as everyone he cares were in danger. Climax is how Michael solved all these troubles with the help of a mysterious drifter and a two-foot tall doll-like man sneaked into his room one night and turned the harmless music from the rocks into a frightening and uncontrollable one. It’s the strong story plot and way of narration and as well as characterization has made it capable to top the chart of best science fiction books for kids.

These are the top 10 best rates science fiction books for kids. Share your thoughts by commenting below.

Image Credits: Amazon, GoodReads


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