When the Xbox 360 was first unveiled there were a huge number of people who waited for hours in desire for being able to get one. In fact, Xbox 360 gaming consoles are highly popular that is probably hat you have one in your home at present. No matter how old are you it’s always great to play video games. There is a wide range of Xbox 360 games unveiled in a year these days with some of these titles never meeting the expectation of people. In these terrible times of economic crush you need to know about good games for Xbox 360. Below is the list of top 10 games for Xbox 360 compiled by game freaks of Pagescroller.com . Let’s have a look into it:

Top 10 Best Xbox Games You Should Play 

10. Burnout: Paradise

Automotive devastation’s never looked as cool as it does in Burnout: Paradise, a high speed racing game from Criterion. You are assigned with driving through the traffic, jostling opponents into signature wrecks and scraping against people’s cars. But, Paradise even deserves kudos for a flawless multiplayer integration where participating in a showdown can be as simple as tapping a button.

If you’re a fan of street racing games who loves to burn some rubber on vast asphalt, then this can be your cup of tea.

09. Minecraft

Highly addictive and extremely simple, Minecraft will drag you in and it’s hard to come out of it. It is not a sandbox game, it is the sandbox, enabling you to build and share simply about anything you and your ever-developing army of buddy crafters can think of. The infinite list of building objects, resources to collect, and user-built content to look into and admire will seize your sleep and haunt you with visions of blocky chefs-d’oeuvre. Trust me, it’s a great thing.

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08. Borderlands 2

With much bigger, lootier, wackier Borderlands, Gearbox has shown that their crossbred RPG/shooter title isn’t simply a one-hit surprise. Three years since the first release, Gearbox unveiled its sequel that doesn’t only have thousands of guns. It is more complicated. It has also got heart. And still Borderlands 2 however handles to hit a balance between being more emotional while holding back the humor, make-no-exempts-for-itself slapstick for which the title is popular. The characters you encounter are much borderline (if not out-and-out) insane, but in the most loveable manner. Opponents are simply as grimy as they are contrary. It’s colorful, it’s a fun, it’s meaty, and it’s hard to play with up to 3 buddies in cage. It’s even got LOADS of additional, downloadable content to keep you engaged as soon as you accomplish the main game.

07. Gears of War 3

Gears of War 3 takes the pavilion spot held by Bungie’s Halo series and for a worth reason. Epic Games’ sci-fi third-person shooter threequel is hardcore shooter enlightenment: a tightly-brushed-up campaign that plays great single player or co-op mode and a few of the best multiplayer found any place. In addition, the game is been strongly supported with both campaign and co-op DLC made to intensify an already wholesome title, especially with the addition of numerous of the best maps from its previous version.

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06. Watch Dogs

Not just on the new gaming consoles, also on the previous ones Ubisoft’s new flagship game Watch Dogs is one among the biggest release of this year. Like many titles stepping out of Ubisoft, Watch Dogs carries big nods from the Assassin’s Creed titles in terms of looks and UI, graphics and mission schemes. Watch Dogs is one among the best new games for Xbox 360.

05. Battlefield 4

In a particular point of time, you’re parachuting down onto the top of an elevated tower, landing down and stabbing a sniper at the same time to claim deserving revenge. In the next instant, you’re seeing a soldier running a Jeep loaded with C4 explosives straight into a hostile bunker, destroying a whole squad in a wild act of brave sacrifice.

Battlefield 4 features all the accents of any high-budget military FPS game, but it’s the exhilarating memories you’ll get while playing online that raise it over other players. And apart from the massive-scale multiplayer combats, Battlefield 4’s single player mode is a big rev up from Battlefield 3’s disappointing story line – here, you really care about your fellow teammates.

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04. Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 is a charming and gritty tropical mystery-land, creeping with wild animals and endangered by the drug runners and pirates that collapse its peace. The disturbed paradise you travel into is wild and colorful, tempting you to look into its abyss and find new ways to enjoy the never-ending world ahead. This is a game that stirs up the tendency to finish up every last challenge and run down into every last icon shown on you map. This is one among the addictive games in our list of top 10 games for Xbox 360.

03. Left 4 Dead

It’s not only the riot of a zombie horde at full thrust that makes this game to be one of the best top 10 games for Xbox 360, or the game’s intolerable stress, or how it urges your team to go along without breaking the deadlock. Left 4 Dead and its equally brilliant sequel might be the best title so far of Valve’s “show, don’t tell” way of tale telling. We discover very much about the survivors and how people acted towards the zombie apocalypse just by watching over our environment or taking heed to the random lines of talks that sound knocked off at the beginning. Top that off with a dark sense of humor and a warm manhood that most titles don’t even try and you have one of the best games ever made for Xbox 360.

02. GTA 5

Rockstar games certainly take its time, doesn’t it? The hold between GTA games is exhausting, but always – always – worth the wait. GTA 5’s come back to Los Santos is a remarkable one, and delivers with it some of the biggest changes to gameplay later on Grand Theft Auto 3 brought back the open-world shooter. Being capable of swapping between characters essentially changes how you communicate with the public, and let the creators to build one of the vast sandboxes we’ve ever witnessed in a game without it finding deluging. Well, okay, it’s a bit deluging, but it never goes out of control. This is one of the most anticipated games for Xbox 360. And its one of the Top 10 Best Xbox Games You Should Play In Your Lifetime!

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01. Halo 3

Here comes the top scorer of top 10 games for Xbox 360, Halo 3. It was the first Halo title to get into the Xbox 360, and the planet stopped whatever it had proceeding in to play it. Groups of teenagers and grownups likewise spent weekends on trying to accomplish the campaign on fabled and plunging head-first into the helter-skelter storm that’s Halo 3 (multiplayer). Bungie was so overwhelmed about their success that they created a huge array of map collections and new online gameplays to restrain people playing the game, which some people still do. If you never got a chance to play this game yourself, I insist you to give it a try. As an honorable mention, Halo 3 made a whopping $170 million on its first day of release.


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