French designer Vivian Muller has designed a new bonsai tree shaped solar induction charger called Electree, which has given a new meaning to “green” gadget accessories. The $370 tree has 27 small, adjustable bonsai leave-shaped amorphous silicon solar panels. In 36 hours of sun bathe the battery will be charged fully, which can then be used to charge your portable electronic gadgets with a USB plugin provided.

The power will be stored in the 1300 mAh battery placed beneath the panel of the bonsai tree. The battery, which is bigger than several gadget batteries, like an iPhone, can then be recharged in just a few hours to make it full again. The acquired charge is sufficient to charge-up portable gadgets such as mobile phones and iPods through incognito USB plugins, which belittle hideous wires.


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The Electree should only be kept inside, perfectly kept near a window to grab a maximum level of light energy all over the day. The bad part of this Electree is that it comes with a pretty high price tag of 370 USD.

“Inspiration for the Electree came first while observing trees. Tree leaves are actually natural solar panels. Nature has selected over millions of years the most efficient structures to capture solar energy. The trees shape is thus the best mean to take advantage of the solar energy. While studying fractals, I realized that one could draw a tree by repeating and transforming a basic pattern. The basic pattern has then become a module and the general shape of the Electree appeared. But I wanted the Electree to be a product to be placed inside. The idea of a bonsai to recharge mobile electronic devices thus came up.” Says Vivian Muller


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