Your Ford Mustang is powerful, bold and impressive to look at. Keep it that way by giving it optimum protection. In addition to regular maintenance visits, you should also take painstaking care of your vehicle’s interior and exterior. From custom made car bras to all-weather floor mats, here are a few upgrades and The Ultimate Ford Mustang Protection Guide you should know before your first ford car.

Ford Mustang Protection Guide

1. Car Bra

When it comes to protecting your Mustang’s grill, bumper and hood, don’t settle for a cheaply made, generic car bra. You’ll have much better results if you opt for a custom-made car bra that is specifically designed to fit your vehicle’s make and model. Choose a car bra that’s constructed from durable, leather-grain vinyl and has a padded inner lining to protect your paint.

2. Custom Seat Covers

Ford Mustang Protection Guide

Custom car seat covers will not only  improve the way your favorite investment looks, but will also extend the life of your leather or fabric seats. Unlike generic seat covers, custom covers will fit your seats snuggly and won’t slide around. There are many different types to choose from, including sheepskin, cotton and PVC-coated fabric.

3. Floor Mats

When it comes to choosing replacement car floor mats, you can’t go wrong with a durable, all-weather option. They’ll protect against spills, dirt and rocks and can be cleaned easily. If you prefer a sleeker, comfier look and feel, extra thick carpet floor mats may be a better choice.

4. Car Dusters

Whether you’re getting ready to present your Mustang in a car show or you’re just driving it around town, make it look pristine and shiny with a gentle, non-scratching car duster. Look for a duster that’s made with wax-coated cotton filaments that will attract and remove dust while leaving your paint job unscathed.

5. Rain Repellent Window Treatment

Rain can quickly leave stains on your Ford Mustang’s windows and cause them to look dingy. Fortunately, you can prevent this from happening by treating your windows with a rain repellent product for glass. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to make sure you apply the product correctly.

6. Custom Fit Car Covers

It’s impossible to keep garages completely dust-free, and dust can wear away at your car’s exterior. Covering your Mustang with a custom fit car cover is an effective way to keep dust, sunlight and even moisture out. The more you limit your car’s exposure to the elements, the longer your paint job will maintain a vibrant sheen.

7. Wax and Polish

Regular waxing and polishing sessions are essential for protecting your vehicle’s paint. Make sure you use quality products that won’t streak or look cloudy once applied. For best results, invest in a good polishing kit that includes a professional-grade polisher and soft, fine-grade polishing pads.

Ford Mustang Protection Guide

8. Headlight Care

Clear, clean headlights are important for more than just looks. They’re essential for safe driving as well. It’s normal for headlights to become cloudy over time, but if you allow this to happen to your Mustang, you could lose critical visibility when driving at night. Prevent this type of situation by cleaning and polishing your headlights with car-safe products.

Protecting your Mustang is well worth the effort. It doesn’t take much to add protective features like custom made car bras and floor mats to your Ford, but the results will speak for themselves.


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