The Infamous 27 Club is one of the most talked about and creepy subjects in the music industry. The idea of this infamous club resurfaced in the public mind after the mysterious demise of legendary British pop singer Amy Winehouse! The untimely death of Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Brian Jones and Janis Joplin between 1969 and 1971 gave birth to this urban legend. Their deaths are shrouded in mystery forever, and there are many conspiracy theories about this. All of them died at the age of twenty-seven. However, musicians dying a mysterious death at the age of 27, is not a new phenomena. Alexandre Levy  the famous musician was the first to die a mysterious death at the age of 27.

Who are behind the death of these 49 famous musicians and why on earth anybody would want to kill them!? These are questions, which perhaps will never be answered!

Jimi Hendrix

The Infamous 27 Club

In the Monterey International Pop Festival of June, 1967, a high school drop-out surprised the audience by playing his guitar with his teeth, behind his back! A legend was born, who set exemplar in the rock music industry. He was none other than the best rock guitarist of all times, the inimitable Jimi Hendrix.  He jammed with almost every guitarist of his times and produced all time hits like “Voodoo Chile (Slight Return),” “Still Raining, Still Dreaming” and “House Burning Down.”  He toured all over the world in his short career of three and half years. In September of 1970, he was touring UK, on 17th September he experienced breathing trouble and was found unconscious. He was rushed to the hospital and was declared dead. A post-mortem was performed on 21st of September which concluded that Jimi Hendrix died because of aspirating his own vomit! The details of his last day and death are highly disputed even to this day.

Brian Jones

The Infamous 27 Club

Brian Jones was one of the founders of the legendary rock band Rolling Stones. He played slide guitar in famous albums like I Wanna Be Your Man (1963), I’m King Bee (1964), Little Red Rooster (1964) and many more. He was found dead in his swimming pool on the night of 2nd or 3rd July, as we are not sure about the exact time of his death. However, his  friends were confirmed that he was murdered.

 Jim Morrison

The Infamous 27 Club

The lead singer of Doors, a famous rock group of the late nineteen sixties, Jim Morrison, was also a famed poet, mystic and filmmaker. This extremely talented young man with baritone voice was catapulted into fame after the release of “Light My Fire”, which was number one for more than three weeks. Since then, he never looked back. Jim moved to Paris in the March of 1971 and on July 3rd, 1971 he died of an apparent heart attack. However, interestingly no autopsy was performed to confirm the reason of his death.

Kurt Cobain

The Infamous 27 Club

The Lead Singer, Guitarist and primary song-writer of the iconic rock band Nirvana, Kurt Cobain have been immortalized by his famous number” smells like teen spirit”. He formed the group Nirvana, along with his friends and their second album Nevermind, topped the charts in 1991. He was a heroin addict and had tried committing suicide to get rid of his chronic back and stomach pain. Finally, on 5th of April, 1994 he supposedly committed suicide by shooting himself in the head by a shotgun. However, rumors are rife that he was murdered. In an interview, his mother Wendy O’Connor said that Kurt was missing for six days, and she was afraid that he could be dead. Her exact words were, “Now he has gone and joined the stupid club, I told him not to join that stupid club”. This statement by his mother confirmed peoples belief in the existence of the 27 club.


 Amy Winehouse

The Infamous 27 Club

The last to join the infamous 27 club was British pop star Amy Winehouse. She was known for her deep voice and mixing of musical genres. He rose to fame after the release of her debut album Frank. She won five Grammy awards in 2008, and her album Back To Back was number one in the European charts. She was addicted to cocaine and drugs and was also put in rehab for psychological problems.  She expressed fear, that she might die young and even went to the extent of saying that, they (???)  wanted her to sit inside a triangle in any one of her videos, to which she did not consent.  She died a mysterious death on 23rd July, 2011. The autopsy to determine the reason of her death failed. So, we really do not know the real reason of her death!


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