When you’re trying to get into a network you may get this socket error 10061, this error is common among the PC users who were trying to use some Microsoft based e-mail programs. However, if they get this error in their PC then it is impossible to connect with their email accounts without solving this socket error 10061. Here we have illustrated the reason and solution for this socket error 10061.

Reason and Symptoms of Socket Error 10061

When your computer is trying to connect with the email account associated with Microsoft the error 10061 may occur. And at the very moment the users will get a red alert right away with a large dialogue box with an error message. The messages you tried to send it through your mail will be gone nowhere.

The only solution to fix this problem is to resolve the socket error 10061 to get your mails back on track.

The reason behind this error message is that an error is generated because of the blocked access to the ISP server for a particular reason. Whereas this might be a problem caused by the registry problem or may be intentionally blocked your ISP Server considering it has sent too many SPAM, this may be due to the misconfigured firewall setting.

The problems might be

  • The firewalls may stopped the program from using the socket
  • Or your antivirus program might be the culprit damaging your windows.
socket error 10061

 How to fix socket error 10061

The mandatory thing you should do while you get this error 10061 is to check your email settings and make sure that the POP3 and SMTP are placed up in the proper location.

After you have checked all those setting reboot your computer and try once again and see whether the error 10061 is resolved or not.

If the error still persist then you should looking into the other methods to solve your problem.

  • Access through your firewall program
  • Look into the ISP settings and see whether set to block.
  • If so then make the appropriate changes and restart your computer to allow the changes to take effect.

Hopefully, this solution might solve your problem, if you haven’t got the solution for socket error 10061 then let us know, so we may assist you. if you have any alternate ways to fix the problem comment below.


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