The goal of this speech is it to entertain, amuse the audience, give them the opportunity to smile, have a good time. At the same time, it is important to remember that you are not creating a stand-up show, and your entertainment speech should still have a goal. But we will talk about it later in more detail. Follow these tips, and you will come up with an Best Entertainment Speech.

When a man is asked to make a speech, the first thing he has to decide is what to say.
– Gerald R. Ford

Guide to Writing the Best Entertainment Speech

Who will listen to you?

You should visualize it very specifically. Another important point – the level of training of the audience on your topic. Who are you there? Chemist among poets or a donkey among mustangs? Even an entertainment speech has its levels, and you should understand the level of your audience to be just slightly above it, but not more than that.

Best Entertainment Speech

If it is a conference, do not forget to check where you are in the program. Well, if it the first day before lunch, you are cool! Usually, headliners are there. But if this is the second day of the last session? This is the same thing that to come with a cake at the end of the feast. Tasty, but people are already fed up. Consider this moment.

The more tired the audience is – the more entertainment pauses you need.

Why should they listen to you?

Of course, there is a reason for you to tell your story, to give your entertaining speech, the question is why your audience should be interested in it? You should formulate your answer to it in one sentence. It is better if you don’t sit in front of your computer when thinking about goals. Academic experts from a cheap speech writing service recommend to take some time, drink coffee or tea, and note down some ideas with a real pen — it activates creative capacities of your brain much better than typing.

Create a structure

Remember, you are not writing a stand-up show. Entertaining speech still has some goal, which means it still should solve some problem. Think about the structure and anything else will be easy as pie.

1) Advantages and disadvantages

There are a traditional decision and yours. The conventional solution has a lot of flaws, but everyone is sure that it has no alternatives. And here, casually throwing Superman’s raincoat, you come. Another option: without offering anything, discover new facets of the situation. In a scattered form, they may have come to mind to the public, but after your great speech, full of humor, everything immediately gets clear. This format is very convenient for novice speakers – the public already knows the context, nothing needs to be explained.

2) Problem and solution

This is easy if you go to your potential customers. Then you certainly sell something, and your product is the solution to the client’s problem. The main thing is that the client agrees that he has such a problem. Do not dramatize, but do not diminish the need to resolve the issue, presentation still should be entertaining.

3) Logical chain.

It’s great when you present a new solution, a discovery, a startup. It’s terrible when you sell the hundredth kind of lawn mower to large retail with this aplomb. The logical conclusions are advantageous only when your final goal is fresh and may surprise. Always remember about entertaining and still very logical speeches given by Steve Jobs.

You should recite your entertainment speech, any speech for that matter, numerous times. Record yourself, talk to a mirror, learn by heart, create cards — do everything to make yourself an expert in this particular speech. You, of course, expect that everything will be perfect — light, sound, audience, how you feel, etc., but it rarely happens this way. If you know your best entertainment speech good enough it won’t harm your performance.

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