Now that we are about the enter the thick of the holiday season, it is about time that your firm should be making the final decision on what your company will do when it comes to the construction Christmas cards that you will be sending out.

This may have been your yearly tradition, or this may be a new thing that you want your company to observe, still, you should see to it that everybody is in agreement and that you are not falling for the mistakes that other construction firms are frequently making.

For a construction firm like yours, surely you have a lot of employees and clients that you would like to maintain and even create a stronger business relationship to. One way for you to do this is by showing them that you value them as your business partner by way of sending out personalized construction Christmas cards so that they will feel your sincerity in extending your gratitude to them.

Tips to Shopping Construction Christmas Cards

Shopping Construction Christmas Cards

Know The Recipient of Your Christmas Cards First

Before we dive into the common blunders and mistakes, it is essential that you have the foundation of your construction Christmas cards in place. You should have a purpose as to your reason behind why you are sending your Christmas cards.

Most of the time, you are sending out Christmas cards to one or more of the following group:

1. Your clients and customers

Of course, this is going to be the largest and the most popular segment of your group. This holds true especially if you are a B2B business. When you send out Christmas greeting cards to your customer base, this is going to be a great way for you to show them that you care. This will also help in keeping you fresh in their minds when the New Year is starting and it is again time to begin doing business again.

2. Your business partners

Your firm’s business partners are one of the popular recipients of your Christmas cards. Sending out Christmas cards has also become one of the famous practices for a lot of companies to show their sign of appreciation and respect.

The types of cards that are being sent to the business partners are more personalized but it still serves the same purpose as the cards that you would when you send them out to customers. The key focus here is to remain germane and be visible.

3. Your investors

Of course, your investors should always be given a token appreciation for the year that has passed. Sending them with a personalized Christmas card will help in continuing to foster and deeper your relationship by letting them know that you appreciate their financial and emotional support to your firm.

4. Your employees

You should not underestimate the power of sending out Christmas cards to your employees. The reason is that showing your appreciation to them can go along way in encouraging them to come back in the New Year rejuvenated and ready to work hard.

Shopping Construction Christmas Cards

Mistakes that You Should Not Do When Sending Construction Christmas Cards

The idea of sending out Christmas cards does sound great in theory. However, the truth of the matter is there are still a lot of companies that make mistakes when it comes to the execution of sending them out. So, instead of doing a simple gesture of gratitude and appreciation it turned into an ill-fated nightmare.

Below are the common mistakes that companies make, it is important that you will be able to understand them so that you will not commit the same mistakes during this holiday season.

1. Do not forget the basics

It is amazing how a lot of companies tend to not take the time to make sure that their contact information is updated and still active. If you are going to send out a lot of cards, you should first see to it that the recipients’ names are spelled correctly, the addresses are correct, and that there are no duplicate entries.

2. Do not procrastinate

This depends on the number of cards that you will need because it can take time just to get your order ready. You should avoid procrastinating and should be purchasing those construction Christmas cards ahead of time, if possible.

This will not only make sure that you will get them on time, but this will also give you the extra time that is going to allow you to write personal notes should you desire. And once you have the cards on hand, you should not procrastinate on sending the cards out. The ideal time to send out your cards is right after Thanksgiving and the early weeks of December.

3. Do not try to make a sales pitch

Sending out Christmas cards is the only chance for your business that has to do something that is not focused on making a sale. This is supposed to be a time to just show your gratitude to your customers and clients. So, when you send out Christmas cards, you should not overstep your boundaries. Although your name and businesses should clearly visible in the cards that should just be it.

4. Do not leave out the gatekeepers

While it is important that you send out to the person whom you are in business with, it is important that you should leave out your client’s or partner’s assistant. This is a good idea and this small token of appreciation can really go a long way in the future. 

5. Do not just follow the crowd

Of course, you are not just sending out Christmas cards just for you to blend in. You should hone in on your target market so that you can choose a Christmas card that is going to stand out and will make a statement.

6. Do not overlook Personalization

Even though it is not really a requirement, but giving your Christmas cards a personal touch is really important. Even just writing a simple “Thank You” or “Best Wishes” can give them the impression that you care enough to take some time to address the recipient. And if possible, it would be great if you can hand write their name on the card and then reference a personal anecdote.


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