Getting an error 1202 while logging on to your Apple account could be frustrating as such the downloading will begin to start off showing error 9812. Not much, but some people are tired of trying so many things to resolve these error 1202 and error 9812 which will be discussed here. Here are some obvious queries that were registered in terms of these errors.



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This issue could be resolved with various steps, the magic is to find out the solution that solves your problem. The steps to resolve the error 1202 is given below, I suggest you to try all these types of solutions until you get the iTunes back on normal pace.

Solution 1: Absolute DATE AND TIME Setting

–        This solution has resolved this error of some, so you could be a one among them, before you dive into the complicated steps just check this one out.

–        Sometimes the out of date could be issue that shows off the errors 1202 and error 9812.

–        Once after you set the time in spot on, reboot your device and then try to download music or whatever in iTunes.

If this solution doesn’t work out with your device then, it’s time to execute plan B.

Solution 2: Follow these steps to fix the error 1202 in iTunes

–        Go to main menu in your Apple device

–        Then click the setting tab

–        Select the applications,

–        Select the manage apps

–        Select all tabs

–        There you might see a list of apps

–        Select the iTunes apps and clear the cache

–        Then reboot your device and try again

This might have fixed the error 1202 and helped with your issue.

Solution 3: Troubleshooting with IE

–        close all the iTunes application on your device and keep it idle for a moment

–        go to internet explorer

–        go to -> tools -> internet options

–        Click the advanced option located at the bottom

–        See whether the “Check for Server Certification Revocation” is unchecked or not.

–        If it is checked then you should uncheck it and reboot your computer.

–        Now go to iTunes and find out whether it is working or not.

This might be the solution for your error 9812 and error 1202, now login into your Apple account and start downloading in iTunes.

In case, if this solution doesn’t work, see the next solution.

Solution 4: Run Microsoft Trusted Root Certificate

This post was originally posted in Apple discussion, and listed here to benefit the users. Try these steps to overcome those errors.

1. Have a look at the certificates with MMC Snap-in for your computer and if you find a few a trusted roots certificate then you must run “Microsoft May 2009” trusted root certificate verification.

2. Verify your trusted root certificate. If you’re not sure about how to verify your MMC Snap-in certificate read here.

– This certificate verification might solve the error 9812.

In fact, checking these certificate won’t hurt you even if you re-run the certification process.

3. In case, if you have connected with any active directory in mere history it might be the culprit, however, the MMC snap-in certificate policy will show some setting changes for you. Change those setting and re-new your Local computer certification policy and you’re good to go.

– This might help the people who’ll have raft of problems with logins and updating and so on.

4. If these things haven’t provided the solution for your problem then for further assistance, the various MS OS users should read this article to troubleshoot your errors 1202 and error 9812.

These are some solution that has helped ample number of people with their queries. If you have any better solution to this issue, let us know, so that we could make everyone to benefit from your solution.



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