Hollywood, the word is enough to create a sensation among the film lovers as well as the entertainment industry. It is known as the hub of motion pictures, and thousands of movies produced by this hub are watched across the world. The actors at this hub are respected and welcomed across the world. Overpaid actors of Hollywood, it is always a dream of various people associated with this industry to have a strong foothold in Hollywood.

It is known for offering name and fame in the glamor world. Many stars are paid here which may be a budget of a small city also. There are lots of factors responsible behind their enormous earning. However, as per the experts of the industry, some of the stars are also overpaid. It can be due to different reasons such as mega earning of the previous movie, extraordinary role in the film as well as the huge budget of the concerned movie.

Here are top 10 overpaid actors of Hollywood who have been lucky to get such a huge amount as the remuneration to their role.

Top 10 Overpaid actors of Hollywood

Drew Barrymore

overpaid actors of Hollywood

The beauty of Charlie’s Angles and The Wedding Singer, Drew Barrymore is on the top of this list. She has got credit for movies such as Never Been Kissed and E.T that helped her to earn well but the failures of Whip It and Everybody’s Fine has shaken her position. Hence her movies are known to get $0.40 for each $1.

Ben Stiller

overpaid actors of Hollywood

He acted as hero in the Zoolander as well as Meet the Parents where his role was loved by the critics also. Hence he also got good credit regarding monetary benefits. However, the failure of movies such as The Watch and Tower Heist flopped and hence his movies can fetch $ 4.80 after investing $ 1 behind him. Hence, he is also included in the list of overpaid stars.

Johnny Depp

overpaid actors of Hollywood

His acting in the series of The Pirates of Caribbean has made him popular among all the film industries worldwide. Obviously, the enormous success has affected his bank balance also. However, in recent times the movies such as from Hell and The Rum Diary have disappointed him as well as his fans. His movies can fetch only $4.10 from each $1 he has charged.

Vince Vaughn

overpaid actors of Hollywood

He has acted in the movies such as The Breakup, Dodgeball, and Wedding Crashers. These movies have brought him in the limelight and earn higher amount as his fee. However, with the movies such as A Case of You and Lay the Favorite have ruined his reputation and hence, an average what his films make for each $1 is $5.20 only.

Adam Sandler

overpaid actors of Hollywood

He is the hero of excellent movies such as Big Daddy, Punch-Drunk Love and Happy Gilmore. These movies made him charge high amount from the makers due to their performance in the box office. However, with the flops such as Top Five as well as Jack & Jill, he is not able to offer better returns on what his movies have His movies can make only $ 5.20 for $1 spent.

Nicolas Cage

overpaid actors of Hollywood

Yes, he is the hero of a movie like National Treasure, Ghost Rider, Snakes Eyes and the Lord of War which helped him to establish as a preferred choice of makers. However, in the last few years, a few flops have made him entered in this list. His movies can fetch only $4.40 for every $1 charged by him. Some of his movies such as Trespass has affected his reputation much due to terrific flop show at the box office.

Denzel Washington

overpaid actors of Hollywood

Remember the hero of American Gangster, The Pelican Brief, and Man on Fire? Yes, it is Denzel Washington who has also got his name on this list. He charges high to his films which are not at all a problem for the Hollywood movie makers. The problem is they are not able to perform well at the box office. He can provide $4.25 to his films where he has charged $1. In the last one and a half decade each of his movies is able to make at least $ 50 million at the box office and hence the makers pay him such a high charge also.

Reese Witherspoonoverpaid actors of Hollywood


The leading actress of Walk the Line, and Legally Blonde is also present in this list. As per the figures her movies have earned only $ 3.55 for each $1. The prime reason behind her name on this list is movies which have failed nose down. The list includes films such as The Importance of Being Earnest, The Good Lie, and Inherent Vice.

Will Ferrell

overpaid actors of Hollywood

This leading actor of huge success movies such as Blades of Glory, Elf and Talladega Nights is also on the list of overpaid actors. As per the box office, he has managed to provide a return of $3.50 for each $ 1 to the makers who trusted his image and acting skills. The movies such as Everything Must Go and Winter Passing as well as Casa De Mi Padre did not perform well and hence he has slipped from the top list also.

Eddie Murphy

overpaid actors of Hollywood

He is also one of the luckiest stars in the Hollywood who has acted in lots of movies. However, in his career, the hits and flops have equal weight. There are movies such as Shrek, sequels of The Nutty Professor and Beverly Hills Cop which are noted by the critics also at the same time the movies such as Norbit and A Thousand Words have settled the accounts. It is said that every movie Murphy has done got an average return to his credit. He has an average return of $ 2.70 against each dollar earned.

However, in this industry, the figures can change the situation overnight, and one with one hit or flop a star can be in or out of the list.


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