There are various types of entertainment. Many of these songs are there for an extended period, and many have evolved recently. The music, songs, dramas, and films are all parts of various entertainments. In the present era, the television shows are more popular than any other form of the entertainment. On television also among all the shows, the shows based on situational comedies also known as sitcoms are more popular.Many sitcoms have ruled on the viewers’ heart for decades. However, the music and songs are some critical areas that viewers note, and in many cases, the songs of sitcom have been much popular among viewers of all the age groups. These ten opening songs of the sitcom are used in different forms by people even today.

There are numerous songs from different sitcoms that have made them unforgettable in the history of the entertainment.Here are a few such songs that are loved by people even today.

Ten Opening Songs Of The Sitcom

opening songs of the sitcom

1. I’ll Be There With You from Friends

This beautiful song with ear-pleasing jingle was performed by The Rembrandts. The words and the meaning made people murmur it for a long time. There are also many lovers of this song who has kept it as their mobile tune. It was a favorite show in the year 1994 where the six friends in Manhattan were trying to bring their lives back to track from a mess.

2. Malcolm In The Middle from Boss of Me

Performed by They Might be Giants; this song rightly displays a dilemma for the listener. Because of words and spirit of the singer, this song has won the hearts of many of its listeners. Even today many people love this song and keep on listening. It was a favorite show of the year 2000 in which the story of a teen was there that was trying to balance the life in the family.

3. As Days Go By from Family Matters

Those who love the family love this song also. Sung by Jesse Frederick this song rightly display the current era in its lyrics. Hence many people who live in the present age and love the family have loved this song. For ages, it is still on the top list of the sitcom  opening songs. It is a favorite show which was aired in 1989 and the head story of two neighbor families.

4. Frasier from Tossed Salads & Scrambled Eggs

Performed by Kelsey Grammer this is a famous song of Frasier Sitcom which was there on the air in 1993. One can find real madness in the song as well as the lyrics that have got some fans. It’s a story of a radio psychiatrist and his father as well as family. It is also known as a perfect example of a situational comedy.

5. Everywhere You Looks from Full House

Performed by Jesse Frederick, this song narrates daily life in the town. Fabulous jingle and beautiful voice are like a pinch of salt added to the salad. The full house was a known sitcom in 1987 and those viewers and lovers of this show still love to hear this song.

6. The Addams Family from The Addams Family

Who can forget the Addams family tricks and tantrums in this show of 1964. The song rightly displays the nature of the family and their acts. The song was performed by Vic Mizzy and even today it is a famous song among the old generation.

7. And Then There’s Maude from Maude

This song was a part of the sitcom of 1972 which was named as Maude. It was a story about a brave lady who was able to do some amazing tasks and take challenges. The song was performed by Donny Hathaway, and it was indeed a huge hit in those days.

8. That’s 70’s Show from That 70’s Song

Performed by Cheap Trick, this song was a part of that’s 70’s show a famous sitcom in the year 1998. It was all about situation and happenings with a group of friends. It was an innocent and naughty comedy show that was loved by many in those days.

9. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air from The Fresh Prince

This sitcom featured Will Smith as a leading actor and revolved about his plans as well as the plans of the family that carried him with it. The song was performed by The Fresh Prince, and it was a leading show in the year 1990.

10. Three’s Company from Three’s Company, Too

This was a known sitcom in the year 1976. It was a hilarious comedy show of three neighbors and their blunders in routine The song was performed by Ray Charles and Julia Rinker.

Though the opening songs of the albums and movies can make their prints on the record as well as the heart of the listeners, these are the songs that were a part of a show, and still, they have left a never erasing image on the mind of the viewers. Some of these songs are known for their lyrics while some of them are known for the voice of the artist as well as the music.

These jingles are still popular in the society and many times in the new movies also one can hear the jingle playing in the background which is particularly used to show the time of those days when these shows and songs were much popular among the viewers. It explains the significance of these songs as well as the shows that have left an image of the entertainment industry as well as the mind of the viewers of that age.

These songs are almost 20 to 30 years old, but in the modern generation also some people love these songs and view the recording of the old sitcom to have fun and innocent entertainment of the old days.


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