A lot of experts have predicted the demise of the press release. However, with the debates swirling around on the internet, releases remain relevant to businesses.

With the help of press release distribution services, companies gained more visibility and exposure. It helps them promote their news in front of their target audience, no matter what platform is.

Newswire is one of the wire services providing distribution and other PR services. A lot of users find it useful and effective when it comes to gaining visibility. It also ensures providing its clients with monitoring or tracking reports to check the outcome of their campaigns.

How different is Newswire from other press release services?

Newswire helps organizations boost their visibility by attracting site traffic and creating noise. It offers a lot of services not only distribution. It also provides PR services that can enhance the result of the campaign, including media monitoring, media outreach, media database, newsroom, and writing service.

You can become an industry leader by getting a regular distribution. They offer monthly and annual distribution plans that are designed to increase your online presence and visibility.

It also provides customization for businesses looking for a unique strategy. Companies can track the progress and result of their campaigns through analytics reports.

You can create a hub for your brand assets by creating your own online newsroom. It helps improve your online branding and gain trust from your target audience.

Newswire’s Distribution

One thing that makes Newswire stand out from other distribution platforms is their distribution. It has a wide array of plans where clients can choose from.

Whether you are a small company, a medium-sized business, or a Fortune-500 company, it has the kind of plan that suits every need and budget. Based on the reviews from review sites, it offers easy and quick PR submission process. They find the platform easy to use.

It has a wide network of journalists, reporters, influencers, media outlets, and sites that help them get in front of their target audience at the right time. It provides traditional and national exposure.

Before your release gets published, they ensure that it is properly formatted and written following the standards. Their easy process of submission makes the process quick.

It provides three types of plans of distribution: single, monthly, and annual. Under each category, there are packages that can fit the needs of its clients.

Single Distribution is recommended for organizations that need a one-shot distribution of release. What’s good with the wire platform is that it has all solutions for every distribution requirements

A single basic plan costs $119 while the highest plan is $1, 199. Of course, the basic plan includes minimal features compared to the National Newsline.

Regardless of the single distribution plan, you’ll get a premium distribution network of 250+ outlets and PR Newswire’s network of distribution of 1,000 outlets. It means that you get double exposure because your business is exposed not only to its network but also to PR Newswire’s network.

What does it mean for your business? You get more visibility, exposure and awareness.

The basic plan also allows clients to add up to 6 hyperlinks, up to 4 images, embed a video, and add two files. It improves the optimization of your release and improves your visibility on the internet.

It gives priority to tracking reports. You need to have an idea of how your release was distributed. It provides clients analytics reports to give them insights into the results.

Here are the basic plans for a single, monthly and annual distribution:

Premium PRs122
Discount on wire services010%10%
Optional Extended Distribution
Google News inclusion
Premium network distribution (250+) outlets
PR Network distribution (1,000) outlets
Industry List11
Add Hyperlinks, Images, and Video
Targeted Auto Campaign to Industry Publications
Detailed Analytics Report
Number of newsrooms11
Press Releases Included Automatically
PR Contacts
Social Media Integration and Curation
Supports Multimedia
Press Kit
Event Calendar
Custom URL××
Number of Saved Contacts400400
Included Messages400400
Campaign Analytics
Powerful filtering options
Full contact profile××
Data export feature××
Import your own media list
View recent articles××
Campaign scheduling
Number of Saved Alerts44
Sentiment Analysis
Real-Time Tracking××
Access to Newswire Article Archive
Data partnership with LexisNexis
SMS text notification, email
News clipping feature
Discover Top Influencers 
Communicate with Influencers
Campaign Analytics
Campaign Management
Account Coordinator××
Schedule campaigns

The single basic plan only provides more of the distribution features and tracking reports. It is suited for first time users and startups.

The monthly and yearly plans provide the same set of features and services. However, the annual plan comes at a 20 percent off that provides clients more savings.

All the basic plans give premium distribution exposure to 250+ media outlets: Boston.com, Daily Bulletin.com, Daily Herald, Dental Economics, International Business Times, Kansas City, Kane Republican, Maxim Group, The Daily Times, and more.

PR Newswire network of 1,000 outlets includes: After Effects Channel, Airlines.net, Alltop, B is 4, CEOExpress, CNBC, Daily Citizen, Daily Review, Daily Tribune, and more.

Media Monitoring

Get a deeper insight your content’s performance. You’ll know if your release was distributed and picked up, if it is shared across different channels, or it resonated with the audience.

You’ll know if your content is effective. If it created a buzz and conversations online. Newswire provides the service for $649 per month.

Writing Service

Companies that don’t have their own content team or don’t have the time and resources to write their own content can get a writing service. Newswire has its own professional team of writers and journalists who are trained on how to write newsworthy and interesting releases.

Newswire Review press-release

It has a team of professional journalists that can write different industry topics: business-to-business, business-to-customer, technology, lifestyle, food and beverage, artists and entertainment, retail and consumers, and more.

Their writing process has three steps. The client tells their story to the head staff writer. They will write a release following the AP style of writing.

Within 48 hours, the first draft is ready. They will email the clients including the link of the release to give them a preview. The site gives unlimited times of revision until the client is satisfied.

The final step is approval. They wait for the signal of the client to ensure that it is ready to publish. If there are some issues after it goes live, they are ready to entertain any request.

The release is optimized for the search engines. Your story gets maximum exposure since it appears on Google News and other search engines for some time.

When your release is optimized, your company gains more site visitors. The more traffic you get, the easier for you to gain more engagement, inquiries, and sales.

Newswire guarantees that its clients get a fast turnaround time for drafted content. The first draft is ready within 48 hours.

It is written following the standard format of AP style, 1-on-1 support is provided to review the draft, and unlimited revisions are given to provide a great writing service. It asks for $249 for every press release.


Newsroom provides a company with a platform to showcase its digital assets, including releases, press kits, executive biographies, social media integration, and events. Companies with a newsroom have better visibility and brand awareness.

The newsroom enhances the brand’s online presence. Journalists looking for industry trends or information can simply use it without the need to visit the site.

Newswire’s branded press page allows your company to be found online. It is optimized for the search engines that gives better visibility.

Not only that, it has a number of designer templates. Companies can swiftly pick from the selection.

A newsroom is priced at $299 per month. It covers releases, social media integration, self-publishing module, PR contacts, multimedia, press kits, executive biographies, site analysis, email alerts, multiple templates, custom URL domain, adaptive-responsive site, and custom URL.

Media Database

It is very important for companies to have access to the media database. They can’t create their own media list without using a database. It is an important tool that contains information and the most recent work of journalists and influencers.

Newswire has a vast collection of 1.7 million media contacts. Companies can choose the most relevant reporters and media outlets relevant to them

It provides filtering options to extract the information of your most relevant media. It consists of the reporter’s name, publication, and email address.

You can view the latest published work of each journalist. It can help you in personalizing your pitch. There is an export contact information that gives you the freedom to manage your own list.

You don’t have to worry about creating a pitch. It has its own customizable templates of pitches that you can easily edit.

The wire service tracks the success of your pitches. You’ll get the open rates and click rates. The media database costs $499 each month.

Media Outreach

You need to have a media outreach strategy in place to create a good pitch that will help you get mentions and media coverage. Its process involves calling clients to know their story. From there, they will create a media list.

A personalized pitch is generated based on your story. It will be sent at the right time. A report is provided to inform the audience of the click rates and who are interested in your story.

Reviews about Newswire:

According to Fitsmallbusiness, most users liked the platform’s easy and quick PR submission procedure. It is also praised for its excellent customer service.

The wire service garnered a rating of 4.4/ 5 on G2 Crowd. It received an average score of 9.1 for ease of use, 9.1 for quality support, and 8.8 for ease of set up. Clients also like its pricing because of its affordability.

Despite its pricey package, they said that it is very effective. Overall, the company received great comments. Others suggested that it should offer more categories

Newswire is an effective PR solution that helps businesses gain exposure, integrate social media, improve search ranking, and monitor results. Businesses looking for a wider reach and visibility can turn to the wire service.

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