Online dating has ceased to be a lot of scammers and losers. Today it is a very special environment, with its rules and nuances, in which people satisfy their most important need – the need for love.

The industry of dating has changed significantly over the past few years. The giant leap that technology has made has affected the sphere of acquaintances and transformed it almost beyond recognition. If before the functionality of the absolute majority of dating sites was limited to viewing profiles of potential “grooms” and “wives”, today dating sites and applications are more like high-tech from sci-fi movies.

Any modern person should not ignore this phenomenon (how can you ignore this beauty?). After all, the creators of innovative dating sites are working on a noble mission – to save humanity from loneliness, the part of it that passionately desires this saving. And we must admit, they are very good at it.

Rules of Modern Person’s Guide to Online Dating

Scientists have developed a statistical model that allows you to track the optimal strategy for choosing a partner in the network. Based on that, psychologists listed the ways to increase the popularity of a profile on a dating site. The dating, as the authors note, is preceded by two stages of selection – according to the profile and the results of subsequent communication. The research of scientists makes it possible to give recommendations on the first stage.

Modern Person's Guide to Online Dating

1. The presence of a photograph increases the number of views 20 times, and smoking – reduces tenfold. The high height of a man attracted women much more than a short one. For example, women watched more often at profiles of men who were higher. Men rarely looked at the profiles of fat women. Women, on average, paid less attention to the weight of a man.

2.  Women almost did not look at the profiles of those men with whom they had a big age difference. Contrary to popular belief, ladies still prefer peers. But this applies to 12 Things Men Desperately Want To Tell Women A woman of this age and older often visited the profiles of men who were on average 10 years older. But the situation with men is classic: men under 35 are interested in peers, and when they get older, they give more and more attention to girls who are 10-15 years younger than them. And the more the difference in age is, the more interest it causes.

3. In total, psychologists randomly selected 1855 people who are acquainted on the Internet and live in New York. The authors analyzed a total of more than 1.1 million acts of interaction between the observed (for example, the opening profile, viewing photos and likes). In total, the profile of each user included, in addition to photography, information about age, height, weight, education, marital status, number of children, addiction to smoking and drinking alcohol.

Approximately five percent of Americans (about 30 million people) met their partner as a result of online dating. The study, as the authors note, can be used for successful meetings after communication on the Internet.

With this information, you can develop a full-fledged strategy for creating your own successful image. Your main keys to success are good photos, no bad habits (at least do not show it on a dating site, it’s very important) and knowing what you want.

In, some cases, finding the right partner for your life is bit hard and push us to stressful days. So, sometimes we require assistance from the experts who can find those problems nudging us and not letting us sleep at night. To find the best online therapy platform is not that hard now a days, and below is the exactly you need.

We want to say at once:

all these rules are universal, no matter what you use – Tinder or Badoo. Success in the online dating gets only those who can profitably submit themselves. After all, each of us is driven by our ideals – this is manifested in all spheres of life and romantic relationships are no exception. To make people pay attention to you, you need to meet their ideals. Of course, not 100%, it’s absurd, but you need to understand the main trends that now dominate the society.


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