You might have countered difficulties in handling the MS Word documents at some or the other point. These kinds of incidents might have caused serious troubles while disrupting your commitment as well as a duty. With this, the basic question arises: Why the Microsoft Word is not responding? What happens to the corrupted MS Word files stored in the system after restarting? and more.

Prior going in depth about the Word’s non-response, let us understand the MS Word and its reliability in dealing with the word files. The word processing functionality of the Microsoft Word is incredible because it lets the users craft umpteen numbers of word documents such as resumes, letters, novels, term papers, invitations and many more. And, this can be done in a very less time.

Although the MS world is credited with the name as one of the standard text editors, it lacks some of the key features. And this will trouble the users in the longer run. While using the application, if something goes wrong with the software then the users have to repent due to the loss of important documents such as reports, files and more.

Microsoft Word is integrated with the hundreds of handy features, and this will help the users in creating the files or documents. On countering the MS Word’s inability in operating, you may come across the message stating ‘Microsoft Word Not Responding.’ There may be several reasons for this non-response. So, in this article we have answered multiple questions of the users to assist them in resolving these issues related to the MS Word.

Microsoft Word Not Responding

Microsoft Word Not Responding – Causes And Resolution

It is believed that the third party plug-ins and add-ons are the main obstacles to the processing of the Word. And these are also considered to be the biggest troublemakers. Computer viruses and the malware are other elements that are said to disrupt the correct functionality of the Word.

Apart from this, application software/s will also play the role in paralyzing the operation of the Word. And this will impact heavily on the users, and they would end up in losing their vital information. If you are facing the problem with respect to the improper functionality of the Word, then you need to fix it by approaching the right path. For the correct operation of the Word, you should follow the procedure given below:

At the first hand, you need to check out the Word and identify the third party plug-ins and add-ons that might be synchronized in the application with your knowledge or without. In order to do this, you have to run the application in the safe mode and then try to switch off these add-ons and plug-ins. Next, you should restart your system and then check for the correct operation of the Word. Follow the below-mentioned guidelines for the safe mode operation of the MS Word:

Click Start -> Go To All Programs -> Microsoft Office -> Click And Hold The Ctrl Key Followed By Clicking On The MS Word.

After adapting all the above mentioned things, if you are not able to recover your Word files, then without waiting for anything make use of the repair software/s. The repair application will attack the bug and then resolve the issue while delivering the successful result. There are several repair applications available at free of cost on the internet as well as in the market. Before using any of the software, review it completely and also check the other crucial things. Next, you need to put your step forward to buy the application.

Procedure To Fix The Non Responding MS Word File

You can make use of the tools available at your hand either from the internet or by purchasing it from the nearby store. The repair application tool is designed uniquely to recover the inaccessible and corrupt file data by extracting all the contents followed by building the healthy file. Supported by the important features, the repair tools will recover not only the document but also the actual header/footer, fonts, clip art, hyperlinks, text, and others.

The different formats of DOC/DOCX files created by the various MS Word versions. Such as MS Word 2000, MS Word 2002, MS Word 2003, MS Word 2007 and MS Word 2010 are restored to the original condition in less time. Whatever may be the severity of the corruption, your documents will be completely recovered, and then you can make use of your key file for your desired purpose.

Some of the users might have experienced the message ‘Microsoft is not responding’ on trying to save or open the file. These problems might occur due to number of reasons, such as:

  1. The presence of the commonly shared network between computers which are either offline or non-existent.
  2. The persistent behavior of one or more mapped networks present in the domain that cannot be trusted.
  3. The existence of the mapped drive in the slow processing computer. A down-level computer is the one that has an older version of Microsoft Windows.
  4. Connection of the mapped network with the Wide Area Network (WAN).
  5. Due to the presence of the inaccessible drive that can be removed.

To resolve the above quoted issues, one need to follow the below-given points in a correct manner, firstly you need to disconnect the network drives if they are behaving quite abnormally. Open My Computer and then click on the Disconnect Network Drive and then click on the desired letter and disconnect followed by striking on the Ok button.

If you don’t want to go through all these things, then you can simply click on the run in the start button. Next, you need to type: \\computer name\share name in the open box. In which, the server is designated with the computer name; the shared name is the resource name that you have to use. If the resource is unavailable, then you would receive a message stating ‘The network name cannot be found’. On the other hand, you can view the drive contents in the Windows Explorer.


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