After a huge setback with Windows 8, Microsoft is working hard to deliver a great OS to the world. Microsoft’s aims were precise with Windows 8 Operating System but it didn’t work quite well. Microsoft guys working day and night so hard to launch its next version of operating system “Windows 10.” The main reason of Microsoft jumping from the name Windows 9 to 10 is to show off the immense changes and improvements in its next version of operating system.

Coming to Windows 10 (which is presently in testing stages), many rumors are spreading around the tech industry while the company has rolled out Windows 10 preview in the name of Windows Insider Program. So after hours and hours of surfing the web regarding Windows 10 rumors, we’ve came up with some interesting news and awaiting changes in Windows 10. Here, we compiled and present you with some useful information comprising everything about Windows 10 that we know so far.

Windows 10: Technical Preview

A Technical Preview of the Windows 10 OS is now available for those who want to give it a try. The below section let’s you know what the Windows 10 preview has brought us.

windows 10 preview
windows 10 preview

Windows 10: One Product Family, One Platform, One Store

Windows 10 has been made to run on almost all the devices available, including desktop computers, laptop computers, smartphones, tablets and Xbox. Whilst it may appear like the same has been said with the Windows 8 case, Windows 10 is made to adapt to whatever device it’s been on and set the user experience accordingly. Desktop PC-wise, which is where Windows 8 actually failed to work, it means a way better user experience we’ve got with Windows 7; on a tablet PC without a mouse or keyboard, the present Windows 8-like touch UI will be available. Some specs won’t be seen on some devices. For instance, there will be no desktop on a smartphone interface.

Windows 10: The Start Menu

As hugely emerged in the hoist to the official declaration, the Start Menu that everybody has been asking for is back. It has got everything that we experience and love about the Start Menu, including features like shortcuts for frequently used apps and a typical “search bar.”

There’s even a part of it that can be customized with Windows 8-like Live Tiles and shortcut menus. It’s a distinct improvement and at least these applications are simple to neglect here.

windows 10 preview
windows 10 preview

It’s certain that Microsoft is going to make some changes with the Live Tiles feature, since shortcuts for Desktop application can appear a bit poor-designed and inapposite. Folders, applications and desktop programs can all be pinned on to the Start Menu, so that you have got a convenient access to your most frequently used things. Gratefully, those awful scroll bars from the rumored pictures are not seen here and are replaced with much nifty and more stylish ones.

Windows 10: Change in the Metro Apps UI

We all know that Windows store for computers is a big washout. The concept was great but the implementation was so bad. After launching the Windows 8 into the market they understood this point very lately. Somehow they have changed the user interface of Metro Apps in the second update of Windows 8.1. After this update users are able to minimize the Metro apps to task bar but we don’t have control over the size of the Metro apps toolbar.

In Windows 10 we can use Metro apps like the desktop apps. We can adjust the window size of Metro apps as any other typical Windows apps.

windows 10 preview
windows 10 preview

Windows 10: Notifications Center

In the upcoming Windows 10, Microsoft adding a new notification center as seen in Windows and Android smartphones. You’’ be able to view all your application notifications in one place. According to the rumor mills, this notification center will be located at the bottom right corner.

Windows 10: Task View

There is a new option on the taskbar called Task View. On pressing it you’ll be able to see a thumbnail of all the on-going applications. It’s very same as the Expose feature of Mac OS X, and that’s a great feature. It is Microsoft’s way of aiding newbies to get used to and expertise with multi-tasking.

windows 10 preview
windows 10 preview

Windows 10: Snap Enhancements

Windows 7’s snap feature will support all applications, no matter if it’s old or new. A fresh layout means you can snap four applications on the same screen. A new aspect called ‘Snap Assist’ lets you to take hold of apps from multiple desktops inside Task View.

Windows 10: Multiple Desktops

Another, business-friendly feature of the Windows 10 is that it even has multiple, virtual desktop function that users can swap between. It is actually great news for the Windows lovers. Linux and Apple have included this feature years back. The concentration is very much about the mouse and keyboard, but those who got devices with touch interfaces have not been forgotten.

Windows 10: Price

Despite of the rumors saying that the Windows 10 could be a free upgrade, Microsoft refused to answer direct questions regarding the price details of Windows 10; especially for those who’ll be upgrading from Windows XP or 7 stating, “we won’t talk about the entire product family (at this stage)”.

According to an Indonesian news website, Andreas Diantoro, the president of Microsoft Indonesia, has said that Windows 9 (presently 10) will be a free upgrade for all those Windows 8 users around there.

The huge question is whether this will extend to those who use Windows 7 and also Vista or not. We’ll likely have to wait until next year to get an answer.

Windows 10: Release Date

While there is no information regarding the official release date of Windows 10, Microsoft has confirmed saying that the OS will be released later in the year 2015. It even said that an official announcement will be made on Universal Apps on Build 2015 developer’s conference. The technical preview of the operating system will run up to a license date of April 15, 2015.

Below is a video review about the Windows 10 “Technical Preview.” Watch it to know more about it:


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