Windows have launched a system update readiness tool KB947821 for windows 7. This tool is provided by windows to overcome inconsistency that was found in “windows servicing store” that may caused some errors in the installation of the future updates, software or service pack. This tool will fix the errors that might occur during the windows update. Initially, download and install this readiness tool KB947821 for windows 7.

Warning: even if took some time to scan your computer do not cancel the process, as the scan will be running in the background. Probably, this KB947821 tool will take 20 minutes to completely scan your computer for any potential thread that might cause problems with update shield. Rarely, it might take much longer for some system.

This KB947821 (system update readiness tool) solves multiple errors on your computer. Below are some of the errors fixed by this tool.

How to Install KB947821 Update

To control the inconsistency in windows update servicing, download the new tool provided by windows. To install this KB947821 tool click download in the downloading page. And select the language if necessary, initially set us English and change the language if appropriate.

To install this tool your system must have the windows 7 service pack 1 or higher.

If you are running a earlier version of the windows go to the to download the compatible tool for your operating system.

·        Save the copy of the download on your system for backup.

·        Once the file is been downloaded click the run button.

After the installation shield is finished use the KB947821 tool to scan your computer to fix the inconsistency in windows during the future update of software, service packs etc.

Fixing the Problem with KB947821 Tool in Windows 8

If you are using windows 8 then you may have to use the deployment image servicing and management in order to fix the windows update error that might occur in the future updates.


To do so, follow these steps that are given below to complete the fixing.

·        Click on the Start-> All Programs-> Accessories-> right click on Command Prompt.

·        Make sure you run the command prompt as Administrator. If you’re supposed to enter the password to gain the administrator rights enter the password and gain access.

·        Enter the following command and click Enter

  • “DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Scanhealth”

·        After pressing enter copy and paste the following command on to your command prompt

  • “DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth”

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Problem with KB947821

If you’re facing any problems with KB947821 then, it this process might take some time to complete the process, you should wait as the process will running on the windows. for some system this process can persist for while. once they installation is complete you can scan your computer.

Do not cancel the process, it may have not struck but taking too long to take effect on your computer.

This will clean up the errors that are bother your system updates. And the windows servicing store updates will not have any more issues regarding the update failure.

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