Many people spend lakhs of rupees in cash while purchasing products or availing various services. However, do you get anything in return that could benefit you in some way or the other? The answer is a big NO. Had they used credit cards for making these payments, they could have earned some handsome cashback offers, reward points, and discounts on purchases, and so on. Let us now look at how to find the right credit card that fits your lifestyle.

Find the Right Credit Card that Fits Your Lifestyle

1. Compulsive Buyers

You have a category of people who love to buy various items online. Such people use their credit cards for ordering their grocery items as well. They spend a good amount every month in procuring different household items online. This category of people would love to have a credit card that provides cash back on specific transactions that they could redeem later on while making further purchases. In this way, they tend to save money.

Credit Cards like ICICI Bank Coral Credit Cards offer Payback points on the purchase of grocery and dining items over a specific limit. Cardholders can earn up to 10,000 Rs. Payback points every year on making such purchases. This card comes with a facility to receive 50% more reward points when you use it online. Apart from these Payback reward points, this card entitles you to other attractive benefits as well.

How You Can Find the Right Credit Card that Fits Your Lifestyle?

2. Business and Other Travellers

Businesspersons have to travel a lot for the promotion of their business and other activities. This travel can be within India as well as abroad. A credit card that provides reward points in the form of air miles or hotel discounts can come handy for such people. It is better for frequent travellers to have a separate credit card for booking air and train tickets.

Credit cards such as Axis Vistara Signature Credit Card or the Standard Chartered Yatra Platinum card can be beneficial for such people. These credit cards are ‘co-branded’ credit cards that offer rewards points while purchasing air and train tickets respectively. The Axis Bank credit card also offers a premium economy air ticket as a welcome gift. These credit cards also allow you to access airport lounges all over the country and abroad as well. You have the facility to use these cards to get discounts while booking hotels.

3. The Youth of Today

Students and other young professionals love to use credit cards for almost all kinds of purchases, offline or online. These categories of people are the ones that use credit cards for ordering food online. They also love to buy cinema tickets online using their credit cards. Such people would like to have credit cards that provide discount coupons for dining purposes. They would also like to get discounts on movie tickets.

Many credit cards cater to these sections of customers. The usage of such cards entitles you to get discounts at selected restaurants. Such credit cards also offer privilege membership to premium and luxury retail outlets at malls. Some of these credit cards offer free movie tickets and tickets to game arenas, amusement parks, and other entertainment outlets.

4. The Regular Office Going Professional

Daily office going professionals use their two-wheelers and cars for commuting to the office. They spend much money on fuel. A significant proportion of such people use credit cards to pay for the fuel at petrol pumps all over India. Would they not love to have a credit card that provides benefits for refuelling their vehicles?

Yes, you have various credit cards in the market that offer rewards points for refuelling their vehicles at specific petrol pumps all over the country. These cards also provide a full waiver on fuel surcharge. Cardholders can use these rewards points to get free fuel. Proper usage of such credit cards can help you get up to 75 to 100 litres of free fuel every year. If you consider the cost of fuel today, this benefit is an attractive one.

5. E-Commerce Customers

Many people in India love to purchase various products including TVs, refrigerators, air conditioners, and so on online through prominent e-commerce retailers like Amazon, Flipkart, and so on. These e-commerce giants have collaborated with various banks to encourage the use of these cards for making online purchases. You get attractive rebates, and cash back offers from the usage of such credit cards. Besides, you can also get loyalty points from the e-commerce retailers that you can redeem later. Such credit cards also offer facilities like 0% EMI and other benefits. You can end up saving a lot of money by way of interest on such credit cards.

Final thoughts

We have seen different credit cards that offer a variety of benefits in various categories. You could not have obtained these benefits had you used cash or cheque to pay for your purchases. Hence, credit cards are useful because they allow you the convenience of buying now and paying later in addition to offering a host of incentives for using the cards as well. Here is how you find the right credit card that suits your lifestyle. To know more about the credit cards follow the below-mentioned link         


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