The world of streaming services is continuously expanding. However, despite the competition, Netflix still remains the biggest library of movies and TV shows in the world. It is available in almost 190 countries around the globe. Sadly, every country is catered to differently because of some business policies. This is why Netflix USA is not available in any other country. 

How to Watch American Netflix outside the US?

Obviously, this can become a hassle for avid watchers. So, can be done in order to access the US tranche of content from anywhere in the world? All you have to do is install a Netflix VPN. It is important to make a selection carefully. Ivacy is among the best services in the market for watching Netflix USA wherever you want. 

Once you sign up for and download the application, it asks you to choose a purpose. Simply go to start streaming and select Netflix US from the list. You can now use your normal credentials to access the biggest Netflix library in the world. With access to every show on the streaming service, you can continue your binge-watching spree for days. 

Geographic restrictions

Much like YouTube, having a different branch of the streaming service for each country allows Netflix to control its content. There are two main reasons why every Netflix show is not available everywhere. The first is licensing fees and restrictions. Some countries deny the streaming service the permission to air certain shows in the country. In other places Netflix decides itself that licensing is too much of a hassle. 

The second reason is lack of demand. Netflix analyzes its business regions and decides which show will be popular where. If the company findings indicate low user interest for a show in one region, the company chooses to take it off the Netflix platform in that country. While this may feel alright from a business perspective, as a user it seems unfair. 

Why Netflix USA?

How to Watch American Netflix outside the US?

The United States is the home ground for Netflix. This is where most of their audience resides and this is the market which remains their primary focus. Naturally then, Netflix USA is the biggest library of the streaming service. It has a total of 5,750 titles which include both movies and TV shows. There are also other programs including documentaries and standup comedy specials. 

The next biggest Netflix division is the one in Canada which hosts a total of just 2,998 titles. The libraries from UK and Australia are even smaller. We’re sure you get the picture. There is a chance that at some point you have encountered a situation where Netflix refuses to stream certain shows even when the travelling outside the country.

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