So you are looking for the reputed company that will able to provide you with a high-end quality menstrual cup? It may seem a daunting task, but an individual can take the assistance of friends or family. If they are using a menstrual cup, then they will surely give you a perfect suggestion about a company. Bear in mind that, every woman is completely different in terms of cycle length and flow. You may find the biggest changes in the Cervix position and Pelvic Floor. If you are using Cup First time, then an individual will able to face complicated issues related to the insert and place.

 According to professionals, if you want to place menstrual cup properly, then it requires little bit practice and skills. For effective results, an individual has to wear a panty liner for first few cycles. If you have bought a correct menstrual cup and inserted then individual may feel following things such as you may not experience any leakage problem and also you won’t face any complicated problem related to infections and rashes. Here are some more pointers:

How to Use Menstrual Cups Effectively?

How to Use Menstrual Cups Effectively?

Read the instructions carefully

After buying the menstrual cup, it is your responsibility to read the instructions carefully. All you need to know complete information about a new period cup. You should grab the information about different folding technique. Therefore, always choose the best technique that would be suitable for your body. Due to a menstrual cup, if you are facing any complicated problem, then the individual must make contact with doctor/healthcare experts.


If you are enough relaxed, then the individual can insert the menstrual cup with ease. It is recommended that you should try the menstrual cup where you are not having a flow or period. If you are doing practice, then individual won’t face rampant hormones and blood-related problems. Don’t leave the cup; you should try to insert the cup properly. With the help of proper practice, you can insert the cup without facing any problem.

Wet the cup

According to professionals, if wet is completely wet, then you can insert it within a fraction of seconds. Due to this reason, one has to dampen the entrance of the vagina. Most of the girls find it is helpful. Therefore, they are inserting the cup in the shower. If you want to place the menstrual cup properly, then the individual must take the assistance of a professional doctor.

Always choose a perfect angle

If you don’t want to face any leakage problem, then it is recommended that you should always place a menstrual cup in a straight angle. For correct position, you have to place the cup into the vagina at a 45-degree angle. It can be a daunting process, but you can place the cup in a perfect position within a fraction of minutes.

Always low

Most of the women’s are making the mistake of placing cup too high in the vagina. If you are placing in the lower position, then it may not provide any harmful effects to the vagina.

Moving further, with the help of above-mentioned vital steps, an individual can place the menstrual cup with ease.

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