Don’t get panic while on nose bleed. It is a common issue that mostly occurs on all people. Nose bleed was very common one among children. The blood vessels in their nose are very sensitive, which gets damaged easily. There are many ways are recommended by our ancestors and modern world physicians. To know how to stop nose bleed easily follow the methods that are suggested by them. Rest of this article is going to talk little about the methods on how to stop nose bleed.

How To Stop Nose Bleed?

1. Ice Cube Method

It is an effective method suggested by physicians to stop the nose bleed. Apply some ice cubes over the nose, which slows the blood flow from nose. It makes the blood vessels frozen from supplying the blood. Continue the ice cube method to keep the nose bleed in control.


2. Tilt Your Head Forward

It is a prominent method followed by many individuals to stop the nose bleed. Also it is a method applied to stop nose bleed in earlier days. Move your head little forward by holding the nostrils with forefinger. Hold the forefinger for few minutes and leave the forefinger. If the nose bleed continues repeat the step. Some people move their head backward in order to stop the nose bleed, which is not a right way.

3. Use Cotton Clothes

While cleaning the blood strains from the nose use cotton materials to clean it. Avoid using any objects to clean the nose. This might create a wound or makes the nose bleed severe. Cleaning the nose at frequent intervals may also results in nose bleed. Nose bleed may occur due to some other factor like high blood pressure and trauma. Regular oil bathing will help you to avoid nose bleed in children.


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