“The future is digital, not print.”

So, how to self publish an eBook? To be wise, those who publish conventional books with text (without any pictures, illustrations or graphics) must do a test run with a digital book, also known as eBook, before approaching for publishing hard copy books. As of the cover design and formatting of eBook, it is easy to create a digital book. One more advantage is that you hold the flexibility of pricing an eBook pretty lesser than a paperback, which successively make it easier to sell the eBook. The process of self publishing an eBook is simple and unsophisticated.

How to Publish an eBook Online: Things Needed to Start Trading eBooks Online thru Your Website

In brief, you will need a digital download service provider in order to sell an eBook from your own website. There are lots of them available; one of the most popular and widely-used is e-Junkie. This is the first thing you have to do in order to publish an eBook.

How to Publish an eBook: “Digital Download Service Provider” – What is it?

In a few words, it’s a hosted shipping cart and digital delivery service that lets you sell stuff online; and get them delivered to the customers instantly. And this is the most important thing required to publish an eBook.

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What Happens On Signing Up with a Digital Download Service Provider?

They do the entire piece of work for you. For instance, as soon as you sign up, you’ll be carried through an array of screens that ask for stuff such as the name of your digital books, the price, the description, the sales (landing) page, etc. as soon as you finish all the data on this screen, the service will yield a code string (mostly HTML). You need to just copy and paste this code onto your website – and there you are – you’re trading eBooks from your blog or website.

How to Publish a Book Online: Crush of a Few Costs

Trading eBooks online is actually profitable – still if you don’t sell thousands of copies, since the cost of running this kind of home business is negligible. Given below are some of the primary costs affiliated with writing and selling eBooks online.

  • Domain name registration: 13 to 15 USD per year
  • Web hosting: Less than or 10 USD per month
  • Digital Download Service Provider: 0 to 10 USD per month
  • Internet Service: 40 to 100 USD per month

Note: Since most of us already boast an internet or cable pack for our homes, this is a cost you likely already bear anyhow.

Without the internet bills, it could be as small as about 15 USD per month to 35 USD per month to kick start your own self-publishing world. And that’s why many people are investing in writing a digital book nowadays – the earning possibility is just as well cursed good to turn down, don’t you think?

This is all you need about how to self publish an eBook online. So, what are you waiting for? Start earning!

Here’s the video tutorial on how to self publish an eBook on “Amazon Kindle”:

Some unknown Secrets to Publishing on Kindle:


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