You get married once, and you want to make every moment a memorable one! And it starts right from selecting the engagement ring for your partner. Women get more engrossed than men when it comes to choosing their engagement rings. They want a unique design and one that draws attention. You don’t have to select the huge diamond rock to place on her finger. Choosing a small and unique cut is the key. And one of the famous diamond cuts to opt-in for today is the cushion cut diamond that you can access online.

What makes this diamond-cut popular?

Over the years the cushion-cut diamond has been made famous by the celebrities! They have been opting in for this diamond cut, making people aspire to sport this diamond as their engagement ring. The cut, sparkle and the shine of this diamond make it a popular choice. Also, you have the chance to customize it based on your preference. You can use coloured diamonds as well as other various gemstones that enable you to customize the ring in a way that you find most attractive.

And today, you have expert online jewelry brands that are willing to help you to select the best cushion cut diamond ring, based on your choice and budget capacity. Here, if you want you can browse through Jann Paul Diamond Singapore and check out the multiple designs.

However, it is essential to select the best design online. If you don’t know how to go about it, follow the steps discussed below:

How to Select Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

  1. Select a store with a good reputation

If a friend or relative has recommended an online store for cushion cut diamond, go ahead and get talking with the store! People only recommend a service provider when they are plenty happy with the service and product offered. And if you are selecting from the stores that come up as online search results, then you need to ensure that the store has a good reputation through Google reviews, ratings and client testimonials.

2. Browse through the product gallery

You are not going to keep on buying cushion cut diamond rings! So to arrive at the final one, make sure that you browse through the product gallery extensively. Don’t hurry to finalize on a design. Take time to compare multiple product designs and select the one that you like best.

3. Enquire for official papers

Every store owner needs to certify the authenticity of the diamonds they are selling. So before you invest, ensure that you touch base with the online store either through an email or a phone call and learn about the papers that you need to obtain when you purchase the ring.

4. Compare the product and price

Regardless, of how expensive and beautiful an online store looks, ensure that you compare at least two to three stores before you make a final investment. It will help you to decide better for yourself.

When you follow these simple guidelines, you can easily select the best cushion cut diamond for your lady love. As you browse online, you can join hands with a service provider that offers you the design and a price point.


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