In exactly the same way that able-bodied people like to go away on holiday and spend time away from home, so too do disabled people want to enjoy the same things. The sad reality, however, is that for many seriously disabled people getting away from it all for a few days simply isn’t possible.

26% (one in 4) of adults in the United States have some type of disability.

The main reason for this is that hotels and guest houses tend to think that the installation of a wheelchair ramp is enough for them to be considered wheelchair friendly. But for many people who spend their lives in wheelchairs or who are seriously disabled, there are a lot more creature comforts that are needed. This means, of course, that there is a big gap in the market for properly paraplegic friendly venues. So, if this is something that you want to consider, here are a few modifications that you will have to make.

How To Make Your Guest House Disabled Friendly?

1. Stairs Upgrade

For many people who are wheelchair-bound and quadriplegic, they need assistance with a wide range of daily tasks. And while a spouse or carer is usually able to help with things like bathing and getting dressed, a certain amount of equipment is usually required to assist with the lifting.

How To Make Your Guest House Disabled Friendly

For instance, you should almost certainly look at installing a ceiling track hoist. This is a great device that takes all the hassle out of heavy lifting. Designed to help move a person from a changing area to a chair or from the chair to the bath. However, it is set up it helps provide dignity and comfort.

2. Bathroom modifications

How To Make Your Guest House Disabled Friendly?

This is one of the most common alterations that hotels or offices make in their quest to be seen as disability-friendly. Look up the specifications that are required for a bathroom to be qualified as disability-friendly online. It is quite involved. One of the most obvious things though is that disabled bathrooms are significantly larger than the more traditional counterparts. This is not a problem, just something that should be factored into any planning and design that needs to be done.

3. Change tables

One of the hardest things for a carer is changing their charges clothes on a daily basis. Specially designed change tables go a long way towards making this difficult process a little easier and they should be an essential installation in any room that is going to host a paraplegic person. Look to dovetail the changing table with the ceiling track hoist mentioned above

4. Pool fun

Just because they are disabled doesn’t mean that wheelchair-bound people don’t enjoy the same things that able-bodied people do. And if you were to ask any person what they like to do when they are on holiday, one of the answers that you are almost certain to get is that they like to swim.

How To Make Your Guest House Disabled Friendly?

So, any hotel or guest house that caters to paraplegic people should try hard to factor this aquatic enjoyment into their offering. Look at things like pool hoists and aquatic wheels chairs, even modified pool steps are an option. 


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