Starting a new job is one of the most nerve-racking feelings in the world. Even the most confident professionals start out with a feeling of uneasiness as doing the job is just one part of a job. Being able to work well with a manager or be a good culture fit are things that companies take into account. First impressions are very important so over the course of the first few months try to make only good ones with everyone you meet. This will set the rest of your time at the company up for success as it will show you are a adaptable worker that can thrive in new working environments. The following are tips to make the right impression at your new job during the first few months of working there.

5 Tips To Make The Right Impression At A New Job

1. Dress To Impress Even With A Relaxed Dress Code

Dress to impress during the first few months even in a relaxed dress code. This does not mean to overdress immensely but take pride in the appearance that you portray at work. Having a nice gold necklace for men or women can be the perfect accessory that helps bring an outfit together. For companies that have some sort of uniform make sure that your appearance is still kept up with. Do not show up to work looking disheveled as this can be seen as unprofessional in nearly every industry.

2. Do Not Be Afraid To Ask Questions

How To Make The Right Impression At A New Job

The misconception that asking questions means you do not understand how to do something could not be further from the truth. Each company has a set way of doing something that another company has a completely different process for. Doing copious amounts of work only to have to go back and fix it is a waste of company time. Ask any questions that you have in a daily email to a manager so they are not bombarded by hourly emails. If it is an immediate question ask a coworker or instant message a manager if it can be cleared up quickly. Asking questions of a coworker that you have made friends with can also be wise as getting inside tips about people or processes can be valuable information.

3. Arrive Early Even If There Is A Flexible Schedule

Flexible schedules are starting to become more prevalent with the ability to come in between a 2-hour span if 8 hours is worked. People that are constantly showing up minutes before they would be considered late are missing out on time with a manager. This lack of people in the office allows for questions to be asked as well as a showcase of how hard you work or productive you can be. This also allows for you to work longer hours if necessary, without having to stay extremely late. Eventually you will be able to show up at whatever time you’d like as you have already established yourself as a hard worker.

4. Track Productivity And Make Sure It Increases…..No Matter What

How To Make The Right Impression At A New Job

Most companies are only concerned with an employee’s productivity and whether they are improving. Showing improvement over the first few months is imperative even if you have to work longer hours than the company realizes. Continually finding new ways to do things that are more efficient can allow you to continually improve throughout your time at the company. Management notices these things and might think you can take on more work in the form of a promotion. The ability to verbalize your process is important as well as you could get a nice gig as a corporate or new hire trainer. Being able to handle the job and excel will also give management the idea that taking on management responsibilities will only slightly impact performance.

5. Ask Your Manager Directly What You Need To Improve On

A direct approach over the course of the first few months can be greatly appreciated by management. A new employee that is excelling asking what they have to do better can leave the impression of never being satisfied. Companies want an entire staff of people that have this drive so ask for a meeting. Improving in the areas mentioned will show a proactive approach and ability to step it up when asked. These are the types of conversations that managers will tell others that can end up being a selling point the next time a promotion is available.

The right impression during the start of your new job can last for years. People do not realize that they miss out on promotions as well as raises by giving impressions of being timid and passive. Being promoted to management is a combination of production, assertiveness, and ability to communicate clearly. Missing any of these attributes can be devastating to performance which is why many companies look at the person as well as what they have accomplished at work.


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