Whether you just came back from your vacation, on which you managed to take hundreds of great pics, or want to share your friends a few photos of your dog, you might have to use pictures and music and turn it into a great video preferably. This may appear like something really hard to achieve, but also if you have no experience before, you can well make great videos within a few minutes. So what’s next, let’s see how to make a video with pictures and music.

How to make a Video with Pictures and Music: Windows PC

While several companies provide video slideshow or video editing services, you can make a custom video with your pictures right away in Windows Live Movie Maker. Apart from using just using pictures and audio, the program holds a collection of transitions and special effects to help you make your video more interesting to watch. After making the video, you can watch it on your computer and you can download it from the official website of Microsoft.

Step 1

Import all the pictures and video files that you want to add in the slideshow by clicking the “Add Photos and Videos” button seen on the Home button.

Step 2

Click and drag the thumbnail images one by one to your chosen location on the Storyboard window to organize the pictures in your desirable order.

Step 3

Now click the “Add Music” button seen on the Home menu, then click “Add Music” option from the drop-down menu and bring the music track you wish to play in the background of the video. By default, the music will be included in the beginning of the video. To modify the position, click and drag the music track to your desired position. You can even crop the song by right-clicking on the music and adjusting the Set Start Point and Set End Point features. Repeat this process for every additional track you wish to insert into the video slideshow.

Step 4

Insert fading effects to each track to make a smooth transition between the songs in the video. To include fading effects, select the “Options” menu and use the Fade In or Fade Out drop-down lists to choose your desired speed, like Slow, Fast or Medium.

Step 5

Include a transition effect to all pictures to avoid the slideshow from looking jerky. Select the “Animations” toolbar and choose a transition effect to preview it. To add the effect to a single picture in the slideshow, highlight the picture and then select your desired effect. You can even add the same effect to every picture in the video by choosing the transition and selecting the “Apply to All” option on the toolbar.

Step 6

Select the “Visual Effects” toolbar of you wish to add some additional effects. To add an effects to a single picture, select the thumbnail of the picture and then choose the visual effect you wish to add. To add the visual effect to all of the pictures, choose the effect and select “Apply to All” option.

Step 7

Save the created stuff as a video file by clicking the “Movie Maker” button, select the “Save Movie” option and choose “For Computer”.

Step 8

Provide a file name for the video file and then choose your desired folder location to save the video. Click the “Save” option to finish the process.


– When the work is done, the WMV file will be saved to your selected folder location.

– You can even upload your video file to the Internet right away from Windows Movie Maker. Click the “Movie Maker” button, choose “Publish Movie” and choose one of the options available, such as Facebook, YouTube or Flickr.

– If you want to copy the created video to an empty DVD, use Windows DVD Maker, which comes with Windows 7 OS.

How to make a Video with Pictures and Music: Mac OS X

iMovie is a software program that comes pre-installed with every new Mac computers. If offers an easy yet professional way of making video slideshows using your pictures, videos and music files. Now create your own video with pictures and music using iMovie by following the simple steps given below.

Step 1

iMovie works great with iPhoto. You are advised to drag and drop pictures from iPhoto folder to iMovie project. If you can’t find any library existing in iPhoto, create one and bring pictures to iPhoto first. To insert videos, you can go to wither Event Library or “File/Import”, and then drag and drop chosen videos to the pane.

Step 2

After when the pictures and videos are brought into iMovie video project, you can run-up the raw video just by pressing the Space Bar on your keyboard. And then do modifications to clips and transition effects. For instance, sneak over one clip or “double arrow” button and select the settings icon, then you can access clip modifications, transition effects adjustment, video modifications, etc.

Step 3

Music helps to define the mood of your video slideshow. Adding music to iMovie video is just as easy as inserting pictures and videos. So click the audio icon available in the bottom right corner, and drag and drop chosen sound track to the pane. More than one music track could be inserted into the video. However, iMovie doesn’t take multiple music files. If needed, you have to merge multiple music files with external sound editor before adding it into iMovie video slideshow. You can even add audio effects and optimize sound using an equalizer.

Step 4

iMovie has several ways of sharing your videos. For those who share their videos through online websites, iMovie lets you directly upload to YouTube, Vimeo, MobileMe Gallery, CNN iReport, Facebook, etc. If you choose to share the video using Media Browser, you’ll get the video featured in other Mac apps such as iWeb. It’s a nice idea to upload video to iTunes so that you can stream it instantly and conveniently with your portable gadgets like iPhone, iPad and iPod.

How to make a Video with Pictures and Music: Online Services

By using an online vide or slideshow creator you can create a great looking video of your pictures and music. There are plenty of such websites available in the web, like freemake.comanimoto.comphotosnack.comkizoa.com, etc. Most of these sites offer free service, while some may charge a few bucks, and some might offer you make professional like quality videos without charging even a penny.


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