Does it sound too good to believe? Of course yes, we know you might be thinking “How is it ever possible?”

Well, that’s absolutely natural reaction to the EMS concept. Moreover, we had the same question and doubt, But once we dived into, we got addicted to the benefits and the features… But mostly RESULTS. And not only, Since then, our mission is to share and spread more of awareness of the benefits and how we can improve your lifestyle.

We are here to share core details and walk you through the concept. However, it’s always better to experience it yourself. We are excited to give out some core details and tips of the concept in the article.

What is EMS?

Majority starts with skepticism or disbelief due to unexplored experience or simply because of first contact with EMS. This is pretty usual for human nature. It is simple and easy to loose weight faster.

Once we understand the technology and the impact behind, we are more likely to discover a whole new world of fitness, along with great activation, mobilization and workout itself.

First of the benefits and most probably the utmost one of EMS concept is TIME,which’s the winner of our hearts. Once a week, 20 minutes… That’s all what you need. Saving at least couple of hours in a week.

Time is the most valuable asset we have. Imagine, instead of spending hours weekly in a conventional training, you are spending just 20 minutes a week. Now you have 3 hours and 40 minutes to spend as you want… Sounds good, isn’t it?

Next benefit will make you one step closer… EMS sessions are mostly one on one workout sessions. You are having your own personal trainer… (Through this feature we are tackling multiple goals. This changes the whole game. Credibility factor increases significantly absolute support and supervision give you peace of mind.

How to Lose Weight in 20 minutes a week?

The fact that approach is always tailored and properly examined rushes you to say “yes this is my type of workout”. However, it truly depends on the persons’ preference.

Some people like to workout in groups, some like to do it alone. Some with higher intensity, some with iron. We cherish integrity.

The greatest disadvantage in any training method is – a lack of knowledge. Which can cause difficulties and even may result as an injury. Although, inappropriately chosen training leads to discouragement and the last one leads to the negative thoughts like “lack of willpower”. If by any chance, you have this kind of thought… Get rid of it right now.

In order to avoid all the challenges, there is a personal trainer to guide, support and share the knowledge and experience in and out of the workout. How about nutrition? We strongly believe in 70-30 formula (70% is the nutrition and 30% is the workout).

Have you ever heard the saying “We are – what we eat”? Well, that’s basically true… Almost true (If you eat only chocolate, it doesn’t mean that you are chocolate! But it may mean that if you don’t stop, you might have an issue with your blood sugar level).

Body Design System

Here at Body Design we are customizing nutrition according to each individual. Our experience taught us to pay utmost attention and tailor a nutrition pattern so our members can enjoy their foods and smoothly tweak couple of dietary habits.

Yes, it might seem challenging at first… However, we know that following the same pattern and expecting different results is not the way. Smoothly implementing healthier habits and choices when it comes to nutrition. Moreover, educating and mentoring how toWhat to

That’s the WAYWhich has led thousands of our happy members to fitnessSUCCESS. For instance, just like Maha, Heba and others.

Now, when you are little more aware, it’s high time to make next step in your fitness journey.

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