Education isn’t inexpensive. In the days to come, the costs are bound to escalate and believe it or not, it can be a struggle of a lifetime. This is when scholarships come to rescue. If you are a deserving candidate, you could make the most from scholarship funds. But, you could be wondering if scholarships can bail a student from lifetime educational debts or how easy could it be to secure one? The answer is upright, and it is unsurprisingly a daunting task to secure scholarships compared to the number of application that challenge neck and neck. However, that doesn’t make it impossible to secure a scholarship either. T

here are some sponsors, who look for candidates who could match the criteria set down by them. The sponsors could be an organization or an individual with a genuine interest in helping those students who can make the best use of an opportunity to build a promising career.

If you are planning to apply for a scholarship, you will need careful preparation to ensure all your educational expenses are fairly managed without the hassle of discontinuation. You will also need to find a scholarship based on your educational preference in the most beneficial manner. Scholarship funds are usually transacted between the funding party and the educational institution. But, then there are some scholarships that will have some extra funds spared at the end of course completion, the candidates are entitled to that sum.

Further, the data reveals that there are as much as 223 colleges in the United States that are offering scholarships to every single freshman. However, there is only a fraction of such colleges that provide scholarship facility to international students. Also, some students lose the scholarship facility due to improved financial standing and/or scoring bad grades during the course period. But, some experts believe this move by many troubled colleges is rather an act of desperation to fill up the seats.

Best Ways To Get A Scholarship

how to get scholarships for college

So, if you are serious about your college application and are in pursuit of a scholarship, we will narrow your search and assist you with critical information about scholarship for college. Without any further due, let’s press ahead as you get acquainted with the top 10 ways to get scholarship for college.


If a scholarship is what you are looking for, and you need it now, look no further than the It is the easiest and fun ways to earn a scholarship. All you need to do is to generate a profile by filling in your details with username and password. It will help the site shortlist a compatible scholarship that is relevant to you. The site sponsors scholarships via weekly contest called “Three Sentence Essay Scholarship” where you will have to generate a 280 character essay that is no longer than two tweets while crossing swords with many in a lock down contests for $1,000. Be warned! The competition can be still and will have overwhelming applications.

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2. Scholar Athlete Milk Mustache of the Year (SAMMY) Award

Sometimes scholarships are offered with wackiest twists. It may seem bizarre making you wonder if scholarships would be given out as such. For instance, the $7200 worth scholarship bundled with a free Disney world trip and a promised spot in a Milk Mustache advertisement will be awarded to 25 students (That figure is limited). But, the qualifying criterion is to be a high school senior athlete with a minimum score of 3.20 GPA. Also, he or she must have participated in school or club sports events.

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3. American Welding Society Scholarships

Earning a scholarship can be hard. Sometimes, it only takes your talent to help you earn the scholarships. However, American Welding is one of the best ways to get scholarships for college students. If you have a veritable talent for welding or have been passionate about the work, you may be eligible for the welding scholarships that help you fund your educational interest in soldering, joining, thermal spraying, and brazing.

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Remember how you shopped and earned points for your purchase which you accumulated in-exchange for goodies? ScholarshipPoints offer a similar reward program except that it is with regards to scholarships. Members will continue earning points via day to day activities that are fun to engage. It could be blogs, playing online games, and taking quizzes. ScholarsshipPoints reward a rolling $1,000 for its members every month and also a quarterly $10,000 scholarship. You can join today and start piling your points.

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It is the one-stop solution for those in pursuit of not just a scholarship, but also a college. Yes! gets it figured for you. If there is a school that is vying to offer scholarships to desirable students, there cannot be a better resource than The site helps you match your need for specific scholarships based on the major you choose, location and year in school. It raises your chance of receiving the award and most importantly saving the valuable time. If you are a dedicated editor and proof-reader, you should try the Scholarship program that is exclusively featured on the website. Albeit, you will have to nail an essay in the best way to earn a scholarship sum of $1,500. Now, that is worth every minute spent behind the keyboard.

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6. David Letterman Telecommunications Scholarship

Now, scholarships can be sumptuous when you can fulfill the criteria such as the ones listed by the David Letterman Telecommunications Scholarship. To earn a scholarship as a college student, it is required for the students to attend Ball State University and also by submitting a variety of creative media. If your potential is recognized, the winners will be entitled to a sum of whopping $10,000 scholarship money. If that doesn’t impress, nothing else will.

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If you wish to explore a variety of scholarship options at your fingertips, try the The website will not just offer a colossal list of monetary awards, but also come bundled with a feature that helps planning your career and also the members by proving learning tools that will benefit them during their course. One of the fastweb’s newly featured scholarships is known as the “Natural Disaster PSA video contest”. On the offer is the $3000 scholarship to the creative undergrads, who have a keen eye for the cinematography and an in-depth knowledge in the effects of natural disasters.

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Remember that one time when you were in high school, you were advised by the counselor to create a Cappex account to help you benefit from its features? It helps you narrow down the list of available colleges. But wait! Don’t terminate the online profile yet! The site offers ideal assistance during the undergrad years by allowing you an opportunity to secure scholarships. It is also useful for financial advice. After qualifying undergraduate course, Cappex bumps off the applicants into “College Pro” status. After which, you will be competent to apply for $2,500 College Pro scholarship. Check their website for more information.

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9. Discover Scholarship Award

There is a special scholarship that is exclusive for high school juniors, and it is known as Discover Scholarship Award. It mandates the applicants to be a high school junior having a minimum GPA of 2.75, and you should be capable of submitting veritable evidence of economic hurdle to have your application for a $40,000 to be considered. The scholarship is meant for the less privileged and also for the applicants aiming for post high school education, licensing, training and certification.

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10. Hood College Heritage Scholarship

Some scholarships are given to applicants if they are capable of yielding evidence of having a parent or grandparent who has earned a bachelor’s degree from the Hood College. Then, you could stand a chance to secure a one-year scholarship worth $5,000.


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