These days, saving money is priority number one. As the cost of living rises, we’re constantly searching for new ways to hunt down the best deal, whether that’s by finding discounts or finding the items we love at a cheaper price in-store.

In order to make this process easier, we decided to do some online hunting for ourselves. After all, there have to be resources out there we just don’t know about, right? Right! In the process, we found a website that lists the best mobile apps in a variety of different categories. One of them is coupons & discounts.

The 10 Best Coupon & Discount Apps

How To Find The Best Coupon Apps?

That’s right – you can use apps to save money on the things you buy all the time. How sweet is that?!? We were super stoked when we found out. That’s why we spent the time to pull together a list of the top 3 things you should consider when choosing the discount app that will be just right for you.

1. Coupons for In-Store Discounts

Saving money always feels like a win – online or in person. For the moments when you’re tired of shopping online, finding discounts at the stores you love can really motivate you to get out to your favorite shopping destinations. Especially if you like saving money on your much-needed items, you’ll want an app that lets you view coupons, discounts, and sales for all of your favorite stores.

Prefer staying up-to-date on products deals? Look for an app like Baza or SmartSource that will help you find item-specific coupons and discounts. On the other hand, if you’re a frequent customer at stores like Ross, AutoZone, Vitacost, and JCPenney, you may want an app that lets you browse coupons you can use when you shop in-store.

For those of you who frequently shop at online stores like Amazon and Bedwearing, search for a discount app with notification alerts so you can stay in the loop about all the best deals the moment they come online. Plus, you’ll be the first to buy the items you really want (and you’ll save money while doing it).

How to Find the Best Coupon Apps to Save You Money for Shopping Online

2. Track Store Rewards

Nothing is quite as rewarding as saving money while you’re shopping, but it’s true that it can be difficult to keep up with the points you’ve earned as rewards for your purchases. If this occurs to you frequently, you’ll want an app that lets you track your points as they add up. Then you can use your coupons the moment they become available.

If you’re a newbie when it comes to in-store rewards, then it would be beneficial to look for apps that have add-ons like RetailMeNot so you can start earning points toward your rewards. This will provide you with resources that you can use to save money later on.

Or, if you find yourself shopping repeatedly at select stores, you might prefer an app that lets you peruse coupons and discounts (as well as keep up with your store rewards) for only the stores you visit most often. This way, you’re not being distracted by data from the stores you don’t particularly care about.

3. Discover Discount Strategies

Learning discount strategies will go a long way toward making your wallet (and yourself) happier. If you’ve always wanted to learn about marketing strategy or the process of saving money as you shop, then look for an app that provides you an overview of what a good sale consists of and how you can prevent yourself from getting tricked by advertising.

Apps that notify you about buy-one-get-one and cashback opportunities may be something you want to look for, too. Some discount apps will let you know when these sales go live, so you can do a better job of spotting patterns. Not to mention, your bank account will be happier because you’re getting the same items you would have purchased anyway, but for less.

And, if you prefer traditional coupons when it comes to buying your favorite items at stores, then you’re going to want an app that tells you the best times to buy as well as predicting when costs will be at their lowest. Then you can stock up on the goods you use every day and save your hard-earned money for something you’ll love even more.


Finally, your weekly grocery list doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. And neither does shopping for clothes, cars, and whatever else you find yourself needing to purchase. Discount apps make the entire shopping experience easy, efficient, and – above all else – wallet-friendly. Don’t believe us? Use our above tips to select an app that’s just right for you and see how much money you can save.


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