PolusMedia – RTB advertising platform is represented in 3 countries: Poland (Warsaw), Spain (Barcelona), the USA (Chicago).

Offices work according to traditional schedules 9-19, 5/2.

Client service offered is of high level: all the parties are given personal manager.

Technical support works round the clock to resolve urgent issues.

There are 4 main departments in the company: marketing, sales, product management and engineering. Polus.Media is exactly the place where corporate values are of high importance. The professionals here are dedicated, creative and works as a team to gain customer’s happiness.

The company shares its knowledge on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google+.

Social networks is not only a means of sharing some useful marketing information, but often show some pics of the office, parties and so on. The workers confess that those who can party well, will work even better as they get inspired from communication with colleagues, partners and friends.

RTB Advertising Platform

Main focus

The company is specialized in RTB advertising platform for both desktop and mobile users. In spite of the fact that the company is not so big tycoon, they have already gained a certain progress and now they can deliver traffic from more than 170 countries.

Options for clients

Advertisers will enjoy variety of targeting options and helpful tools for audience segmentation. Promotion can be made either globally or limited by a certain country or regions.

Publishers may get interested in simple user-friendly process of monetization with control access on each stage. The schemes offered are focused on better money making.

All the participants of advertising business get their own manager who is equipped with prompt help and life experience pieces of advice. Besides, all users get access to the knowledgebase to improve their understanding of the business and handle the campaigns in right manner.

The whole atmosphere encourages deep work and friendly cooperation

Trends inside the company

The company itself is interested in innovations, thus business trips, master classes and workshops to gain more experience is a common case in the company.

Website of the company was made in informative style to share some important points of the expertise they have. Besides, extra questions, comments and feedbacks are highly appreciated and answered as quick as possible.

Link to publicly accessible blog on the website: https://polus.media/blog/

Personal accounts

All the clients are given accounts to handle their businesses According to the role in the process, an Advertiser and a Publisher will be equipped with the tools relevant exactly for them.

Personal manager is given to all clients to help in adjustment and further communication.

The space is developed that way one could understand how everything works just from the first sight.

During the campaign running, clients are provided with hints how to get maximum effects or which actions to take to make immediate corrections.

Reporting system

All the data describing analytics is represented in understandable manner and in real time mode. In the latter case hints for improvements may appear.

It is also possible to order detalization for a certain period to compare and analyze the progress now and then.

How to get in touch with Polus.Media

Mailbox: contact@polus.media

All questions are also accepted by filling the form in the section FAQ.

Managers sort out all the applications to related departments for users to get quick and prompt help in short terms. All the issues and complaints are carefully studied and necessary investigation is always held in case of disputable situations.

Information about vacancies is always available on Polus.Media LinkedIn account. 


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