Most popular word processor used by almost all people at present is Microsoft Word. Likewise, most widely used document distribution format is Adobe PDF. Adobe PDF (Portable Document File) stays on the top of document distribution since Microsoft has yet not made a save option for direct writing of PDF files and most commercial converters don’t call for hyperlinks from Word document and make them work in PDF documents. If you also need to convert a Word document to PDF and don’t know how to convert a Word document to PDF, here is the convenient way for Word to PDF conversion.

Converting Word Documents to PDF

Sending a consistent document to several recipients, sending files from one OS to another and getting a presentation printed out in computer shops are only some of the several factors that people convert their Word docs to PDF. There are several applications that view and convert PowerPoint, Word, and Excel files to PDF. These include, Word to PDF Converter V3.0, Adobe Acrobat, LibreOffice, among others.


There are even sites like doc2pdf that provide convenient Word to PDF conversion without having to download any special software. Just upload the file need to be converted to PDF file format, and it’ll be done within few minutes.

How to Convert A Word Document to PDF using a Document Converter

If you have a document converter installed converting Word documents to PDF files is simply a matter of opting the document converter as the printer. The document converter can be changed into your default printer by going to Start -> Control Panel -> Printers and Faxes. In the next window, make a Right Click on the document converter and then select Set As Default.

If there is another printer connected, select the document converter from the Print menu pop-up. To perform this, pursue steps below:

How to Choose Document Converter as a Non-Default Printer

  • Open the document to be converted in Word.
  • Select File then Print.
  • Select the document converter (Universal Document Converter or Adobe PDF printer).
  • If with Adobe PDF Printer, simply click OK, set the file name and PDF file location, then click Save. If with the Universal Document Converter, choose Properties then select Document to PDF > Color > Multi-page in the scroll bar. Choose OK then print.

How to Convert Word doc to PDF using Google Docs?

  • Sign Up with a Google account to upload your Word document. Log in and go to its documents division.
  • Here you can upload your Word file by choosing it from its parent location.
  • Now your Word file will get opened in Google Docs. Here you can have your file wither in Word or PDF file format.
  • You can save this PDF document and any hyperlinks in original Word file in your newly saved PDF file.

How to Convert Word Document to PDF using LibreOffice or

LibreOffice and are both free office suites which provide an in-built capability of transferring a currently opened Word document to PDF. They are available for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. To convert a Word doc to PDF simply follow the steps given below:

  • Launch or LibreOffice, click on the “Open” button, browse to your Word file, and open it.
  • Now go to ‘File”, then select “Export as PDF”.
  • Review the settings on the PDF Options pop-up that appears. You typically don’t need to modify anything unless you have specific needs, in which case decisions have to be obvious. To start the conversion process simply click “Export”, choose the location where the new PDF file has to be saved, and click “Save”.

How to Convert Word doc to PDF on Mac OS X?

Converting Word files to PDF in Mac OS X is nearly the same as it is done in Windows. Nevertheless, a document converter is not needed for converting a Word document to PDF on Mac OS X. Follow the simple steps given below to convert a Word document to PDF on Mac OS X:

  • Open the Word file to be converted in the text editor.
  • Select File, then Print.
  • In the Print menu, select the PDF button seen at the bottom-left corner and then choose “Save As PDF”.
  • Assign the location, rename the PDF document, and then click “Save”.

In Mac OS X Lion TextEdit option lets you to send the Word document as PDF file by just going to File -> Export As PDF, making the job much easier.

Always remember, however, opening s Word Document in TextEdit may not feature some of that file’s formatting, making the sent PDF file to appear differently too. It is suggested to open the Word doc in LibreOffice, available free for Mac OS X, and send the Word docs as PDF files using its own “Export as PDF” options, as mentioned on the previous section.


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