When you need to merge several documents into one single file and share it over various platforms, a format which can have multiple documents, such as excel, jpg, word docs or ppt presentations, in a way free from OS and applications will be required. I think you’ll probably soon find the solution is PDF format. But how to combine PDF files into one in the beginning is a question.

Why does someone need to merge PDF files into one?

pdf files

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Portable Document Format (PDF) is a computer application which can be hung on with no difficulties to make a new fresh document. One can create a single, compact file format. In this way, you can bring together individual pieces of useful data and merge them in the form of a single file one can even share these combined PDF documents with the physically remote people. During the process of combining the PDF files into one the original formatting of the file stays unaffected. In others words, one can make a fresh new document in such a way so that the fonts and other subject components stay unaffected and integral. In the contemporary world, people are in the need for creating and preparing documents on various topics with speed and efficiency. The ability of the PDF document format to combine spares time to create s single, compact document out of several PDF files.

How to combine PDF files into one using ‘Adobe Acrobat’?

To merge PDF files into one with the help of Adobe Acrobat, follow the simple steps given below:

  1. Open your “Adobe Acrobat” program file.
  2. Go to “File” -> “Create” -> “Combine Files into a Single PDF”.
  3. Now click on the “Add Files” option and select each file you want to merge into a single PDF file.
  4. After adding the required files, you can arrange them up in any order using “Move Up” and “Move Down” button.
  5. Once you have put them up in an order, click “Combine Files” button.
  6. Within a few seconds all the chosen files will be merged into a single PDF file. Now you have to save this new PDF document in the determined location on your PC.
  7. Choose “File” -> “Save As”, to save this new PDF file at any location you want with a new name.
  8. Once when the process is done, close the document.

How to split a large PDF file using ‘Adobe Acrobat’?

After learning how to combine PDF files into one, now, you might also want to know how to split large PDF files. To split-up a large PDF file with the help of Adobe Acrobat, follow the simple steps given below:

  1. Start the “Adobe Acrobat” program file.
  2. Choose “File” -> “Open”, and then select the PDF document you need to split up.
  3. Verify the file size by changing the “View Menu” to “Details”.
  4. Open the chosen PDF file.
  5. From the “Menu” tab, go to “Documents” -> “Pages” -> “Extract”.
  6. A pop-up “Extract Pages” will show up.
  7. Now enter the respective page numbers which you wish to extract the document. (e.g. “From” 18 “To” 30”). The given pages will be extracted.
  8. Make sure that the check box “Delete Pages After Extracting” is mot selected. If the box is selected the pages will get deleted automatically when the extraction is done. (e.g. “From” 18 “To” 30).
  9. Now click “OK”.
  10. The extracted pages from the document will be opened in a new separate window. Now you have to save this new PDF document.
  11. Now choose “File” -> “Save As”. Save this new file in any location you choose with a new name.
  12. Once you’re done with the process, close the document.

Merge PDF files into one using Online Tools

Below are some of the best online PDF converters available on the web:


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