Diamonds give you a boost of self-confidence just by wearing them. And since diamond rings are usually a symbol of eternal love, women wear them almost every day. Unfortunately, even if these near perfect stones are almost unbreakable, they do need constant cleaning. We are here to teach you why, when and how to clean a diamond ring and keep that brilliance as long as possible.

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How to Clean a Diamond Ring in a Few Steps

First of all, you need to know that there are various ways to clean a diamond ring depending on what you have at home. From dish soap to baking soda and even ketchup, there are quick and safe solutions to make your engagement ring shine brighter than the day you first slid it on your finger.

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In this article we will focus on just one of many recipes along with guidelines on how to protect both yourself and the ring while cleaning it.

Steps To Cleaning Process

Prepare a solution out of mild dishwashing detergent or liquid soap and warm (not lukewarm, nor hot) water.

  1. Soak the diamond ring in the mix and let it stay there for 20 minutes. If the ring is very dirty, leave it in the water for 30-40 minutes.
  2. Use a very soft brush to wipe the ring and clean it gently. Make sure the brush is bristles-free because these might harm the ring’s metal setting.
  3. Focus on also cleaning the prongs (they are found near and under the diamond) which might hide grime and dirt buildups. The ring might seem dull there due to a layer of gunk in the area. Clean it with a soft toothbrush.
  4. Swirl the ring in the solution. Then, let it stick for three minutes.
  5. Rinse the diamond ring thoroughly in warm water.
  6. Dry it using a lint-free cloth, a cotton one or let it air dry. Don’t use paper towels as they might scratch the diamond through rubbing.

Caution Tips

Despite washing it thoroughly, the ring might still have spots due to cosmetics such as hairspray, perfume, makeup and other products. You can use shampoo and body wash in addition. However, make sure that you avoid products with moisturizing properties, as they leave a film on the ring.

It might seem as obvious as the sun but remember to close the drain when washing the ring. You will clean the sink later. Meanwhile, locking the pipe keeps the ring safe and keeps you in full control of the cleaning process.

Keep the toothbrush you use along the process as an exclusive tool for jewelry washing. This way, it stays soft and free of dirt from other objects that might harm the ring. An engagement ring or a first-date gift is as important if there’s a diamond involved. So, you should protect it.

You should analyze the dirt as most of the makeup and dirt buildup is easy to clean. However, if there are paint or chemical spots, you should check it with a professional jeweler.

The Don’ts of Diamond Ring Washing

Never use bleach, chlorine or acetone as they are too aggressive for the diamond.

Also, avoid throwing your jewelry in the fashionable ultrasonic cleaner if you want to keep the diamond neat and fresh looking. They send vibrations that might cause gems to loosen or fall out of the ring. Professional jewelers check the stones to see if they’re intact and take measures on the spot.

Chlorine and chemical detergents can damage a ring without leaving any possibility to fix it. These products, as well as toothpaste, powder cleaners or baking soda scratch metals (especially gold) and even break down some base items from the ring’s structure.

When to Clean a Diamond Ring?

  • Any diamond ring should be cleaned every other week if it is worn daily. By doing so, you keep skin oil and dust buildup away.
  • You should take the ring to a professional jewelry cleaner twice a year. You can go once every four months. Professionals go through diamond cutting schools and maintenance courses that teach them the technical specs that you don’t know about.

How to Protect a Diamond Ring?

  • Wear gloves every time you wash dishes or use cleaning products that might damage the integrity of your ring. Make sure you remove the ring whenever you need to use chlorine or detergents.
  • Don’t wear the ring when washing your hands. Soap residue might make it slip and go down the drain.
  • Avoid wearing the ring while you apply creams and lotions. Residue builds up in the ring, feel dirty and even become discolored. White gold and platinum are sensitive to creamy products.
  • Remove the ring while cooking to avoid food and oils getting stuck under the diamond.
  • Don’t bang the ring onto hard objects as the metal setting might loosen or chip off. Remove the ring if you need to handle furniture.
  • Keep a “safe place” around the house to store your ring whenever you are in one of the above situations.
  • Stay up-to-date with maintenance appointments from the warranty. Regular inspections prevent the possibility of the diamond falling out or loosening.

Wrap Up

Despite proper maintenance, you may miss a bit of the sparkle that your diamond ring used to have. You should know how to clean a diamond ring and repeat the procedure as mentioned above.

Diamonds are forever, but it’s your job to keep them sparkling and charming. Use these tips to have flawless-looking diamond rings!

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