E-liquid or e-juice can easily be termed as the soul of an e-cigarette. Finding an e-liquid as per your taste and preference is as important as getting a perfect e-cigarette or vape pen. To make this process of buying an ideal e-liquid easier for you, we have discussed about the different aspects of e-liquids that play an integral role in an e-liquid.

How to Choose the Right E-Liquid For Your Vape Pen?

1. The Flavor of The E-liquid

You will find a plethora of e-liquid flavors in today’s market. So, it’s natural to feel a little overwhelmed when choosing an e-juice. Undeniably, the flavor plays a great role for getting a good vaping experience.

To enhance your vaping experience, brands offer interesting flavors such as green grape, double apple and pink lemonade as well as the traditional flavors including the likes of chocolate and vanilla. There are various other exciting flavors in market that have been introduced and the only way to figure out whether or not you like these experimental flavors is by testing them.

It is advised that you start with the flavors that you’re sure you’ll like. Later on, when you have tried enough of those, you can move on to experimenting with other flavors.

2. The Nicotine Strength

Once you’ve decided which flavor you are going to opt for, it’s time for you to then choose for your preferred nicotine strength. It’s essential that you get the right nicotine strength, as too little nicotine will make you vape more to compensate while too much may give you headaches.

Nicotine levels in various strengths:

Low: 6mg and below

Medium: 9mg to 16 mg

High: 18mg to 36 mg

It’s usually advised to start with medium strength and then to adjust accordingly.

3. The composition of the E-Liquid

The main base solution in e-juice is Propylene Glycol (PG) or Vegetable Glycerol (VG), or a combination of both. PG provides more flavor but produces weak vapor whereas, VG is more viscous, has a slightly sweet taste and produces massive clouds of vapor.

You will find e-juices in three main varieties, i.e. an all-PG base, an all-VG base and a mixture of the two in varying ratios. Usually, a PG to VG ratio of 40:60 is used by the manufacturers.

Choosing the right vape e-liquid is all about your personal preferences. The more you try and experiment with varying e-liquid flavors, nicotine strengths and compositions, the better you’ll be able to understand which ones work for you and which don’t. One great place to shop for e-liquids and other vaping products online is Vape Stop. It’s India’s premium online store providing an excellent range of vaping essentials from worldwide reputed brands. We suggest you to visit their website to know more.


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