One of the most important parts of having a baby is taking a birthing class. Not only do birthing classes help ease a lot of the common anxieties around having a baby, but they also help to develop a solid, structured birthing plan. Although there are numerous different types of birthing classes, the core subjects remain the same (e.g. delivery methods, how to breastfeed, how to manage pain, baby care, etc.).

Birthing classes are offered both in-person as well as online. If you’re interested in finding birthing classes online, it’s recommended to go with a birthing coach/class that’s experienced, knowledgeable, and within your price range. Apart from the obvious educational aspects of birthing classes, another main benefit they provide for the mother is emotional support, and you’ll also be able to connect with other parents and soon-to-be mothers.

Birthing classes, no matter if they’re online or at your local community college, can give you the increased confidence you need in this difficult time. Use the tips posted in the below section to learn how to pick the best birthing class for your specific needs. Likewise, if any of the topics in the below sections aren’t included in your birthing class, consider finding another class that offers them.

The Different Types of Classes

There are several different types of birthing classes (and birthing techniques, for that matter). The majority of hospitals and health centers offer some type of basic birthing class that will fit the needs of many expecting mothers.

These basic classes can range in length from a few weeks, all the way up to a few months. Classes of this style typically cover birthing techniques, c-sections, pain management, and other common concerns. Also there is Online Birthing Classes that you can connect with your coach whenever your need. Below we detail some of the more common birthing techniques currently being used. 

Note: One important note to make here is that the majority of health insurance providers do not cover birthing classes. So it would be wise to take that into consideration before choosing a class. 

Type of Birthing Techniques:

How to Choose the Best Birthing Class

1. Lamaze

The Lamaze technique was invented over 50 years ago and has been popular ever since. One of the more recognizable aspects of the Lamaze technique is its focus on breathing. The idea behind focusing on breathing is to take the mother’s attention/focus away from her contraction pain.

The original goal behind the Lamaze method was to make the mother comfortable during the birthing process, so that she outright omits the use of any drugs whatsoever. With that being said, plenty of women who utilize the Lamaze technique also take medication during the pregnancy. 

2. Hypnotic Birthing

Hypnotic birthing (otherwise known as “hypnobirthing” and sometimes referred to as the “Mongan technique”), uses self-hypnosis to ease the mother into a tranquil state before/during the birthing process. 

Most hypnobirthing courses are taught for a duration of five lessons. Each lesson lasts around two to three hours. The actual content of the lessons focus on muscle contractions, the mind-body connection, and how to achieve a fully relaxed body/mind during the birthing process. 

3. Bradley 

The Bradley method of childbirth is a technique that’s taught over the course of three months. The class is designed to detail every single aspect of the birthing process and pregnancy in general. The bradley technique uses the partner of the mother to help deliver personalized guidance (to the mother). These “birthing partners” are promoted from the sidelines right into the action with the bradley method.

4. Breastfeeding 

How to Choose the Best Birthing Class

One of the most widely covered topics in most birthing classes (although certainly not all of them) is breastfeeding. This is an especially important topic if the mother is a first-time one. Breastfeeding has been shown to have numerous benefits to both the mother and the baby, and is considered an important part of baby care. 

Most doctors recommend that breastfeeding occur until both mother/child feel that it’s no longer necessary. Most mothers cease breastfeeding after around the one year mark. 

General Medical Knowledge & First Aid

One of the most important aspects of any child birthing class is general first aid (which includes CPR). Imagine being a first-time mother and not knowing how to care for your child if they get injured? It would be a nightmare. This is why these topics are covered in the majority of birthing classes.

Be sure to inquire with your birthing coach/class teacher about whether or not these topics will be covered. Knowing how to give CPR or perform basic first aid can mean the difference between life and death in some cases. 


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