Ask almost any expert on the ways of the future and they will tell you that it is all about computers. Computers and digital experiences are increasingly taking over the way that we experience the world and as a result, if you are hoping to steer your child towards a career that will be relevant in the future, and where they will be able to find gainful employment, then something that is computer related would be a very logical place to start.

With that in mind, you will obviously want to familiarize them with PCs from an early age. But, in a world of distractions and excitement, how do you make sure that they are both attracted to and interested in computers? Here are a few tips to help you to help them find the path to future success.

Tips To Attract Your Child to the World of Computing

1. Make it cool

The most obvious place to start is by making computers look cool. Instead of a boring old laptop or PC, invest in something a little fancier like a gaming pc case. Something with an element of chic and maybe some flashing lights. You want to attract your child to the computer and for them to be curious about it. So grey boxes and spreadsheets are clearly not going to the way to do that. Think laterally and draw them inorganically.

2. Content is important

We have all seen how awkward it is when grandfathers or older people look to make use of a computer. It looks like they are engaging with something completely foreign, and the truth is, they are. These older folks have only been introduced to computers in their later lives and as such, they are not properly wired to engage via the platform.

So once again, if you want to ensure that this is not the way things pan out for your child you need to have them comfortable behind a keyboard from the earliest age possible. Set them up to play age-appropriate games or to watch videos or content. It demystifies the computer, and before you know it, they will be driving the machine themselves and starting to ask the next level questions that you are not able to answer.

Attract Your Child to the World of Computing

3. Use it yourself

When they are still young children watch what their parents do, and they copy them. It is one of the basics of learning. If you don’t use the computer much, or worse yet, if you appear to fear it and not look comfortable around it, then your child will pick up on this. So, make sure that you use a computer in their presence and that they see you looking and happy and productive behind the keyboard.

You might not be doing particularly interesting things on your computer, but despite that, look to involve them. Share the wonder of the internet with them or spend some time bonding over a YouTube video. Whatever it is, make sure that you send the right messages to them which underscores the path that you want them to progress down.   


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