Regardless of whether you’re leading a minimalist life or you’re just sure that you don’t need any more kitchen appliances, wall-hangings and photo frames, asking for charity donations is probably the best thing that you can demand from your guests whom you invite for your wedding or anniversary party. These days, couples are most likely to eliminate the idea of wedding gifts as they prefer donations to their favorite charities like which function in Israel.

Conventionally, presents and gifts were given at a wedding to help the married couple set up their new home. But times have changed and there are several couples who already live together in their established apartments. Hence, they don’t need any further gadget to spruce up their lives. This is when they ask their guests to donate to the charity organizations.

1. Choose a charity organization

In case you’ve decided to ask the guests to donate to the charity rather than gifting you with something, the foremost step is to choose a charity and this is undoubtedly one of the most daunting tasks. Both of the spouses should be passionate about choosing the charity organization which you support.

Did you lose someone to cancer or heart issues? Or you might be an animal lover who would love to support any pet charity institution. Once you’ve decided the cause, do some research. Find out the total amount of donation that should go into fundraising and administration. Also make sure that the donations are tax-deductible.

2. Inform your guests about your decision

The way in which you can inform your guests that you’ll be supporting a charity and not any kind of gifts is through the invitation card. Though it is not a part of good etiquette to force people to donate to the charity of your wish, yet you can insist on them. Let them know that they can donate any gifted items if they strongly don’t believe in contributing to the charity. Make them sure about the fact that your life is full of laughter and love and that you would love to share your love with people who are in dire need of things.

3. Decide how much you want to donate

Never make the mistake of asking your guests to donate a definite amount of money. You should rather let them choose whichever amount they want. Give them an opportunity to donate anonymously and you can also set up a donation match game where you can match the donations which are made by your guests with some special activity at the event. This will seem to be interesting.

How to ask Your Guests To Donate Your Wedding Gifts To a Charity

Therefore, if you’re tired of receiving meaningless gifts on your anniversary or wedding party, try to make it a point that your guests donate their hard-earned money towards the charity of your choice and help the poor and needy.

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